Can someone please turn down the speakers!!!!

Man, I see that another year has gone by and the speaker above me in section 8 is louder than ever.

I don't know what it is like in other sections but it's so loud that you have to stop your conversation.

Believe it or not but I was in 27 and commented during the game that the sound system wasn't loud enough.

We're in Section 26. Speakers are deafening and we have asked for them to be turned down, repositioned, etc. for the LAST THREE YEARS.

We're told it is the number one complaint but nothing is ever done. Bob Young even agreed to sit with us for a few minutes last year and commented the speakers were way too loud.

IWS belongs to the city and even though the Ti-Cats control game day "production" it remains a big problem to us.

I sat in section 8 last night and I shouted many times to my buddy beside me that the speaker was WAY TOO LOUD. I'll have to move my seasons tickets if the speaker volume doesn't change.

I'm in H and you have a hard time hearing anything from the speakers. Let's face it, IWS was not designed for great acoustics.

i thought the volume was good. i could here it fine and also carry on a conversation. mind you i was sitting in my backyard at upper ottawa and the escarpment. although i did think it wasnt quite as loud as last season when i could here the p.a. crystal clear. i've got great accoustics back here.

We're in Box B, and for once we could actually hear something! To appease everyone maybe they need some speakers at ground level, with a lower overall volume. Phone "Rent A Speaker"???

They do say if its too loud, your too old :wink:

I think there might be a few other physics dynamics at work here too. If the breeze is going a certain way, that's going to effect the volume quite a bit. Open air stadiums...not the easiests places to fine tune the acoustics.

If you’ve been complaining for 3 years, maybe it IS time to move seats!

Box A was actually a little too quiet.

What d'ja say?

I laughed my A$$ of when I heard the fake crowd noise...

Hey DavidC.
Moving after complaining so long would be the obvious solution.......... but............. we're on the 55 yard line and our seats have been in our family for over 50 years!

We have to take the good with the bad .. we know that ........but when you can't carry on a conversation with the people around you and you have been told again and again that something will be done it gets a bit much.

As a fellow season ticket holder, who happens to be only 17 - the volume was way too loud in Section 6. It was so loud that when there was nothing coming out of them, you could still hear an immense high frequency noise that proceeded to give me a massive headache - something needs to be done, and fast, because this is worse than it's ever been.