Can someone please tell Jake Arlen and crew the season...

Can someone please tell Jake Arlen and crew the season has started. The Als-Bombers game is not even at halftime, and the refs have already missed 2 flagrant pass interference calls against Winnipeg. Wake up a little... Oh, they just called one against Montréal... More great CFL referees.

Jake Ireland :cowboy: and they did miss those 2 calls :roll:

Not only those two, but the holding and tackling by the Bomber o-linemen on the opening drive.....TSN panel sure showed that at halftime.

Good game though it's nice they are dedecating this season to one of their own on TSN who passed away.

not even thu one game and already people are crying about the refs....arg.

They got the instant replay call right.

As for the REFS , and complants.
Here we go again.

It never ends does it!

I know! On the opening drive, Michael Botterill was tackled from behind, on defense , and his jersey was held. No penalty called... I think the CFL likes close games, so they will fabricate them!!

I normall don't complain about the officiating, but it was not good tonight. Two blatant missed pass-interference calls on Marlborough, after which they turn around and nail US for the same pass interference. No call on the opening play though there was clearly holding. And failing to make the right call on the Roberts fumble, which WAS a fumble.

Hopefully they'll be more on top of things next time around.

I agree that those two plays should have been flagged for pass interference. Maybe the refs have to shake off their off-season rust.

Well , the instant replay worked , and they got both plays right on!
[Mon. Vs. Win.] :thup:

Always easier to blame the refs instead of looking at your own team's short commings. :roll: