Can someone please enlighten me?

Tell me are chances of making the playoffs and something good about the Riders because i am seriously sad...
I know we probaly will win all next 6 games and will make the playoffs but i just need somegood news.

RiderPrideNationWide :rockin:

For me the best hope is Hamilton crashes. No way we make it to playoffs unless it is a crossover.

The schedual for Hamilton looks to be difficult other than 2 times vs toronto. If they win 2 times vs Toronto they will have 14 points meaning we will have to win 4 out of the 6 to make it... :roll:

Riders also play the Esks 2 times and are 3 games back of them. If they end up a game back going into the final game (and win the Oct 10h game) then they control their own destiny on the final game of the season.

There's still hope and where there is hope, there is reason to cheer.

I wouldnt bank on the crossover. We cheer for Hamilton tomorrow vs. Calgary and then hope the Riders can squeak out two against the Stamps and have beat the Stamps by at least 15 points between the two games to take the season series. We also play Edmonton twice. If we beat them twice we sit one game back of the Eskimos for a playoff spot.

If that doesnt happen we cheer against the Bombers for the rest of the season and hope they lose out in the first round.

There is always reason to cheer in Riderville. We don't give up the cause because of a poor season or a poor outing. I go to the games with my 7 year old niece and when I'm discouraged wanting to leave before the end of the game she won't let me -she wants to stay until the end continuing to make noise for the D and cheering every positive event that may happen on the field. Going to the games with her has give me a new appreciation for what it means to be a fan.

Awesome. Love that story.

Be patient! Believe! BC believed when the team was 1-6 and look where they are now.

I think it is too soon to write the Riders off just yet. Be patient!

I am still cheering for the Riders, and still realize they have a shot at the post season, but I also am realistic and know it is a very long shot at this point, and that they likely have to win out the season.

going 1-7 is not an ideal way to start, nor is 1-6...but the team that goes on a 5 game streak after that is doing something right. Bruce was a good pickup...just what they needed. I honestly feel the best chance of the Riders making the playoffs is a key injury on another team, and I by no means am even remotely cheering for that.

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