can someone help me I am soooo frustrated

So I just want to trade in my gift with purchase ticket today so I go to Limeridge only to find there system is down they tell me to try back later . Two hours later still down they suggest I try the other stores, down town I go only to find the roar store is closed at 4pm. Off I trot to Centre mall , when I get there the lady tells me she has already closed down her ticketmaster terminal, she tells me to try the stadium which is guess what CLOSED. No signage as to when it re opens. In desperation I try to call 547 CATS only to be patched through to ticketmaster to no avail because I want to trade in tickets not purchace new tickets. What does a girl have to do to get a ticket?????????

You arent the only one that tried to get tickets today and failed.

Story of this season...

Can you imagine if we were in a playoff race and people could not buy tickets on a Saturday before gameday?


I'm picking a couple up at the Balsam ticket office just before the game. You will be able to trade them there, I'm sure!

except the woman at the ticat store told me they are almost sold out and that if I didnt get tickets today I should go to the box office first thing in the morning.
Well I asked her what the hours where and she said she didnt know, I should look it up in the yellow pages . Guess what I coulnt find it anywhere.

Stadium Box Office

Box Office
75 Balsam Ave. North
Hamilton, ON L8L 8C1
Telephone: 905.547.CATS (2287)
Hours: Day of Game Only (9:00 a.m.)
Day of Game Only (9:00 a.m. - Kickoff)

This is of course subject to someone being there to receive your request and the system up.