Can someone fill me in?

I've just returned from a camping trip and would really like to know what went on at the Argo-Cat game. The only thing I could find out was the score (so I have a pretty good idea about what went on).

But I'd still like to hear about it. Did Chang come in? When? How'd he do? Were there any bright spots? Anything positive?

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No you don't.

remember the 48-0 loss to toronto, well it wasn't that bad, so that's the good news. the bad news...let me put it this way you picked a good weekend to go to go camping. LOL

Chang was in mid-way in the second quarter.

You can read the complete play-by-play online, but do you really want to??

Just go to by clicking HERE and then double clicking the DOWN on the left/bottom of the page to get back to the start of the game.

Christy was sure rusty.... Couldn't get his second field goal attempt (play #46), a 47 yarder, to the goal line. Then in came Chang.

Oskee wee wee

The way I saw it...

Defense played pretty well (except for Shaw) They were on the field way to long. Special teams were ok. Offensive line looked really confused. The Argo's were in our backfield most the game, the QB's were running for their life. Chang came in before half. Chang seemed to try a little harder, meaning he did more and made more mistakes also. Maas just got steamrolled back there. I thought they improved a little from week one, but not near where we would like them to be yet. They defence and special teams looked be really playing hard, especially in the early going.

Overall just what I would expect from a team with so many new faces. A few more weeks should make a difference if they keep working hard.

Could have been worse........could have been raining.

That ssounds exactly like the game that I saw too, except I wouldn't say the special teams were ok, I'd say they were very good. (except for the penalties)