Can someone explain to me this?

Why did Ken Miller put in Stephen Jyles for the first and Goal for 2 series, and then on 2nd down, put Bishop in??

what was going on in his brain at that time??

Nope. best I can come up with is that he was trying to telegraph to Argos that he intended Jyles to push it in, and that he was trying to protect Bishop from injury.

Bishop still has his left thumb heavily taped. My guess is taking snaps from directly under centre are painful and/or problematic, and therefore in those sets calling for direct snaps, they put Jyles in.

sure, but if he's not even going to be doing anything except, handing it off to the back

but then putting him in on 2nd down? that's just not right.

That is just one of life's many great mysteries such as "where do all my odd socks go when I loose them in the dryer?" "Why do 'rider fans pick apart a victory and are worried about the offense when they score over 100 points in 2 games?" or "why has cosmic papa abandoned Kerry Joseph and the argos?" Sometimes there are no answers... :wink:

I think it was the same thing that was going through his mind when he called for a deep pass, from field goal range, with under a minute remaining on the clock, and the game tied. That ball was one crappy play by the Argo defender from being picked off.

see, usually when a team puts in their backup in a situation like that, it's to do a sneak.

but at no time when he did that, did Jyles do any sneaks. he just turned around and handed off the ball.

why not just leave your QB in there?

Odd decision bringing in Jyles for that goal line series.

We have enough issues with a warmed up "starter " at QB messing up on the oppositions goal line ,never mind a cold off the bench QB.

As far as the Bish and his wrapped thumb being a concern, maybe, but i doubt it, the Bish and his thumb looked fine on the one QB sneak, rolling on his back, second effort......2nd and short........


I suspect it has more to do with Bishop's problems on short yardage play since he has gotten to riders. He hasn't played well on the short yardage, the fumbles, coming up short and turning the wrong way on to hand the ball off. So he put Jyles in to do it.

Montreal has successfully put in Mcpherson on short yardage plays and he has caught the defense off guard and thrown a couple of TD's, but I don't think our team is real confident when they get to the 1 yardline these days.

Poor Rob Bagg, has been a yard short of a TD about 3 times this year.

Actually, he's been downed on the 1, 2, and 3 yard lines .... and has never crossed the goal line with the ball in hand.

likely just to confuse the deffence(usually when a team puts in a different QB for short yardage it's gonna be a QB sneak) but it didn't work.

Kind of off topic, but anytime bishop goes for a QB sneak he twists his body for some odd reason, he did it that one time where it was a turover on downs, and then he did it again against toronto for the TD.

I was screaming at the TV on that one---he is THE worst QB sneaker ever!! He seems to think if he turns around and pushes in backwards that will work... yikes!

why is szarka not being used on these goal line pushes? isn't that the only reason he is on the team to get that 1 yard? (he is also very good on special team tackles) seriously! foord is too small to get the yard, it has been proven many times, and obviously bishop can't pull it off either. 1ST AND GOAL...GIVE IT TO SZARKA!!! it's pretty elementary isn't it?

Sorry I would take Neil Hughes any day of the week and twice on Sunday over Szarka, even with his size I have seen Hughes break more tackles and carry more players on his back than Szarka's Lunge attempts which he has been stuffed on a few Szarka doing the lead block for Hughes that makes more sense.

oh i am a big hughes fan as well, i have his jersey, but when the riders have been having an issue with 1st and goals this year my theory is to just give it to the big man and let him run it in. like this past game against toronto and the sept 20th game (if my memory serves me right) they couldn't punch in a 1st and goal. szarka gets paid to make those plays. hughes gets paid to make 5 or more yards, cates and foord get paid to make 6 or more yards.