Can Someone Explain This ?

Early in the game, because of the wind, it was decided that Wilbur, instead of punting, was going to concede a safety.

No problem, that I get.

So the ball is snapped to him, and instead of taking a knee, he wastes some time off the clock running around in the end zone.

Now, if it was late at the end of the half or game, and we were sitting on a lead, I can understand doing that. . . take time off the clock and hence take time away from the opponents.

But early in the first quarter, why are you running time off the clock? How in the world can you tell whether or not YOU might be the team needing those few extra seconds at the end of the half or the end of the game?

Seems to me it happens a lot, and I fail to see the logic.

I was wondering the same thing. Makes no sense at all to do that at that point.

It might be to kill a little time going into the wind.

He was probably trying to run off the clock as much as he could because of the wind. We had the wind in the 2nd and 4th quarters, both of which have the 3-minute warning, and we wanted to minimize the time Winnipeg had the ball with the wind.

Thanks. . . I suppose that's the only explanation possible. . . but I'm still not sure I'm buying it.

Let's say that this happened early in the 3rd quarter.

If the situation at the end of the fame were to have been reversed, and we were behind by a few points at the end of the game, and launched a long bomb that was successful and we found ourselves on their 10 yard line needing a touchdown to tie and with only 3 seconds on the clock, wouldn't Wilbur's having run off 5 or 6 seconds early in the third on a safety have looked darn foolish in hindsight?

True, but uyou have to look at the entire situation. You have apunter that hasn't played in a couple of years, has been with the team for 2 practices, a brand-new rookie to the CFL, and is unfamiliar with the wind patterns at IWS. It was also the first quarter. LOTS of time left to play. At the very least, you get the opportunity to kick-off from your 25, instead of punting from your end-zone.

If this was the third quarter, I would make sure the ball gets downed ASAP.

It was a bad snap get over it! :roll:

I am not questioning the snap. . . nor am I questioning the decision to concede the safety, a decision with which I totally concur.

My question wasn't even specifically directed at this one play. . . it seems to me that most times teams are conceding safeties, the punter doesn't just take a knee, but has to run around in the endzone killing seconds off the clock. . . and in the first or third quarters, that makes little sense to me because it may end up being you who needs those extra seconds at the end of the half or the end of the game.

If you're sitting on a precarious lead late in the half or late in the game, fine it makes sense. But in the first and third quarters, how do you know that it isn't you who may need that extra time?

You don't know, the same as you don't know you're going to need those two points at the end of the game. In a quarter when you're against the wind, it makes some sense, as you're taking seconds away from the other team when they have the advantage. Maybe it seems the punters do it more often than not is that they end up punting more when they have the wind.

Just love to see a guy run around in the end zone before going to the knee. Who knows it gives him an opportunity to trip and fumble. Besides I hate the safety touch. If you dont make 10 yards on third down the team should have option of taking over the ball. SAFETY TOUCHES ARE BUSH LEAGUE.

I'm still waiting so bad to see that happen, or a defender come from out of the punter's vision and just nail him or just take the ball right out of his hands. Just once and kickers everywhere would be kneeling instantly.

I beg to differ, i just watched that snap 4x as i taped it, the snap was right on the money, Wilbur never had to jump for it or nothing, as soon as he recieved the ball he run to his right and to the back of the endzone! So it was planed before the snap took place! :rockin:

Yea i just watched the game on and there was nothing wrong with the snap.
It’s amazing some of the things you miss when you’re watching the game from the stands, so i always re-watch the home games on
And wow Bruce is right about the cheap shots, see the hit he took in the 4th quarter from Courtney Smith? Was no where near the ball and he just layed Bruce out. But oh well, that’s just going to fire Bruce up even more so he can make their secondary look silly again.