Can someone explain this?

The depth chart for tonight's game shows Byron Parker and Jason Goss on the corners, with Bobby Keyes and Randee Drew at HB.

Does anyone know why the coaching staff insists on playing Goss on the corner?

He's not bad at the corner, don't get me wrong, but I've always seen him as one of the league's best shut-down HBs. . . and since in the CFL with most teams their most dangerous receivers are their slotbacks, not their wideouts.

So to me it makes more sense to move Goss back where he belongs, at HB.

I'd have Keyes and Parker on the corners, with Goss and Drew as HBs.

Has anyone ever read anything in Edmonton, or heard anything on sports talk radio shows, about why they insist on playing Goss out on the corner?

Sort of reminiscent of a mistake they made a few years ago when they got Reggie Durden off of Montreal. . . a good shutdown HB, but they put him out on the corner where he struggled mightily. Square pegs don't fit round holes.

My signature is the only explanation you need. :lol: But seriously, I've no idea. You'd think between Hall and Daley, they'd be able to figure it out... of course, it took them more than half the season to figure out that the defence overall needs help.

Valid points Chief.

I won't be able to watch the game tonight. . . let me know how Drew and Parker do if you don't mind.

I hate missing games, but if I showed you the picture of the Chinese lady with whom I'm dining, I think you'd understand. . .

I’ll be missing it, too. Some dumb family gathering that I apparently have to attend! :lol: I’m hoping I can catch the replay on TSN2.

Can someon explain to me why Edmonton cannot BEAT a 4 man pass RUSH—

THey just cannot-- RAY cant do it-- CGY knows this and has been owning RAY for the last few seasons rushing 4–

Edm offense is easy to STOP, they are not adjusting, STrasser is not caling good plays anymore, and I dont know where KAMAU is, and Stamps cant catch anymore—

Finally HALL at least benched RAY, maybe too late, I thikn RAY deserves some playing time when RAY clearly is showing he is struggling mightily-

I love how most of the CFL, and its fans, and coaches thinks Ray is an elite QB
Sure we dont have a great line, but most of the time, it is the QB's fault for playing like crap
I cant remember quite how much he makes a year... is it.. 450g a year? please correct me if im wrong, i cant really remember.. Anyways, My point is that he isnt worth it, i say cut his salary in AT LEAST HALF and make him earn his damn money!
Remember 2003 when he was actually GOOD, it was because he was making 70g a year on his contract, and he was earning it, high paid players i gurantee dont really give a damn if they make the Grey Cup. There already making half a million a year, so who cares! Thats how i beleive Ray feels

Well, that might tell you something, no? I guess they’re all wrong then, and you know something the rest of them don’t. He had a crappy game. Get over it.

Hes had consecutive crappy games, even when we sometimes win, hes terrible
id like a lil consistence in his play, the only reason he has one of the higher passing % and ratings is because of his 5 yard dump passes, i know that SOMETIMES that aint his fault, its usually play calling, but i havent seen an absolute steller game so far this year

Then please explain to me what you've been watching lately. Two weeks ago he went 20 for 20, two shy of the CFL record for consecutive completions, and quite a few of those (I'd say the majority) were anything but dumpoff passes. That's not stellar!? As for the consistency, I agree....don't understand how a guy can go from stellar to crappy so quickly. Maybe he had a bellyache or something.....Lord knows, he sucked last Friday.

hmm... Most people would consider these absolutely stellar games by QBs, considering the quality of QB-ing in the league this season.

Sep 20 vs. Sask: Ray 24/34(71%), 315 yards, 2 TDs
Aug 29. vs Ham: Ray 25/33(76%), 347 yards, 1 TD, 1 INT, 6 carries for 23 yards
Aug 13. vs. Cal: Ray 28/37(76%), 342 yards, 3 TDs, 5 carries for 52 yards and 1 rushing TD
Jul 30 vs. Mon: Ray 23/27(85%), 363 yards, 3 TDs, 1 INT, 3 carries for 3 yards and 1 rushing TD
Jul 2 vs. Win: Ray 29/41(71%), 318 yards, 1 TD, 1 INT, 1 carry for 1 yard and 1 TD

Sure Ray has struggled as of late hitting receivers, and the receivers have struggled catching balls. But to say he's been horrible all year is wrong. He's been inconsistent for sure, but he has had some VERY good games. Considering his struggles of late, I'm surprised that Hall hasn't gone to Maas sooner, or at least gotten Zabransky some time. Hopefully Ray breaks out of his inconsistency streaks, because our defence(although better than earlier in the season) is NOT good enough to win a game if Ray is not on his game.

I'm not sure why people are suddenly dumping on Ray. It's kind of hard to complete passes and sustain drives when the receivers are constantly dropping balls.

I wouldn't mind the coaching staff putting in Maas for a couple plays, like Miller did a while ago with Durant. Let Ray watch from the sidelines. He can calm down, and watch what the defence is doing.

I'm certainly not ready to dump Ray...

Ray is the best this league has by far. Does anyone believe Calvillo or anyone else would do anything with our O-line??? Everyone blames Ray for the dink and dump passing game forced on him by the weakest line in the game, and with the exception of Mo Mann we apparently have a poor group of receivers too.

Your living in the past. Ray's done nothing since coming back from the NFL except maybe get fat. He's an offensive coordinator's death. How many now 5 in 3 years. How many linesmen ? 20

completly agreed with you HfxTC
Ray is not what people make him to be... Ray lives on a shadow of greatness, and i mean that by, he was great in 2003
Hes sucked since he came back from the NFL
He is good
He is no where near elite..