Can someone explain this?

People (CBC at the end of the EDM/MTL game) keep saying that the Bombers can still win the east if the Argos beat Montreal next week and the Bombers win both of their remaining games.

They say Winnipeg would beat out the Argos because they hold the Tie-Breaker. But how is there a tie to be broken? If what I said above does happen, the Argos will be 11-7 and the Bombers 10-8.

Are they talking out there asses or am I missing something?

The Bombers do not hold the tie-breaker over Montreal or Toronto(unless I'm mistaken). They must finish with a better record than tor or mon. , and to do that they have to win their last 2 games and montreal has to lose their last, in order for the bombers to finish 2nd, and host the east-semi.

correct me if I am wrong but the tie breaker is the record between the two tied teams right? Well the Bombers are 2-1 this season VS the Argos.

That wasnt my point anyways, my point was how would a tie breaker even be needed.

Talking out of asses seems to be correct.
The only chance of a tie would be if Montreal beat toronto and Winnipeg wins their last two games, then they would all be 10-8.
But Montreal would be 3-1 against Winnipeg and 2-1 against toronto so they would get first place in that situation.

If WINNIPEG has the same record as Toronto does at the end of the season , WINNIPEG wins because they won the season series Vs. TORONTO!

If they all finish 10-8 then it would be

Yes, Winnipeg would beat out toronto, but Montreal would beat out both as I said above.

I think CBC screwed up ...

If there's a three-way tie, Winnipeg holds the tiebreaker over the Argos (2-1 against them) but not against the Als (1-3 vs them). Whoever wins the game between Montreal and Toronto wins that tiebreaker (though if Toronto wins, they'll have more wins anyway).

So I don't think it's possible for Winnipeg to finish 1st ... unless Toronto plays 19 games this season and finishes 10-9?

Yep so all Winnipeg has to do is win both remining games and they get home field in the first round.

What you said up there and…

Toronto 11-7
Winnipeg 10-8
Montreal 9-9

Winnipegs fate is in their own hands

Exactly. Well done team.
Now let's go solve world hunger.

GO STAMPS GO , that would just work for me. :lol:

Today at 7pm on TSN , WIN. Vs. CALGARY :thup: