Can Someone Explain This??

This happened last night, and it happens often, I fail to understand why.

When a player is going to concede a single point or a safety, more often than not they run around for awhile in the end zone, killing time, before finally taking a knee or stepping out of bounds.

This makes sense LATE in the game when you are sitting on a lead and want to kill time off the clock.

By WHY do players do it EARLY in the game??? Ryan ran time off the clock that the Bombers may have needed later on…

I never understand why players do that so early in a game, does anyone get it?

Sorry maybe I wasn’t clear…I don’t understand why, when Ryan was conceding a safety in the first quarter, he ran around the end zone, using up time, before stepping out…at that point in time, no way to know if the seconds he ran off would have been needed by the Bombers later on, so I don’t understand why he did that, and it seems to happen a lot.

I believe in the case your talking about, the bombers were kicking into the wind and were trying to bring down the clock as much as possible. But ,yeah, seems like a waste but players are just following the coachs call.

I didnt saw the play in question, but maybe he was looking for a hole in wich he could get take the ball out ?

Section T you have the situation correctly…but WHY in the world, in the FIRST quarter, are you trying to run the clock down??? You may be the one who needs that time later on in the game, so I don’t understand why players always do this sort of thing in the first quarter…may come back to haunt you, so why do they do it, or why do coaches tell them to do it? If the Bombers needed, say, 9 seconds at the end of the half to get in range for a field goal, Ryan’s having run those 9 seconds off when conceding the safety in the first quarter would look rather bonehead, wouldn’t it?

…sometimes a player will do this to see if he can get the opposing teams defensive players to give up their coverage and see a hole open up…the play is still LIVE until the player is either tackled or steps out of bounds, but if the coverage guys back off and assume the ball handler is going to step out of bounds and give him leeway the ball carrier could actually take off and burn up field…most teams won’t fall for it but it has happened in the past…

How many times did the Giz or Pinball make plays from their endzones that looked dead… good point R&W

Yeah but this is a kicker, it’s not like he’s gonna punch a hole and take 110 yards…

I saw the play and was also thinking that that one didn’t make a lot of sense… That kicker was just trying to be on TV for an extra 5 seconds…

Winnipeg can’t afford to run down the clock this year!! They’ll need as much on the clock if they want to win a game!! They will go 0-2 vs the Gades for sure!

Kicker or not, a friend of mine was dating a kicker who was apparently being covetted by the Gades 2 years ago, forget his name but he was built like a tank, he used to be a full back and then was messing around one day and found out he could kick field goals.

I’m sure he could go for a few yards on the ground, maybe not 100, but none the less, if 2 or 3 guys fall down and a huge lane opens up… i’d go :slight_smile:

I would guess the only reason they had him running around was to give Calgary less time to do something with the wind at their backs.

As has been pointed out the Peg had a strong wind against them in that quarter. It is the logical football play to eat up the clock as much as possible during that time.

Now if it was the last few minutes of the last quarter and your team was down, then yes you try to go down as soon as possible.

As for needing that time later… you can not take those ten seconds from the first quarter and add them to the fourth, so you play the percentages when you can.

Bretzky and leeing are correct. A lot of teams will try to kill time when the wind is blowing against them. I beleive this was the case as well.

Not a chance! If a kicker tries running the ball out and doesn’t get the first down, the other team could get the ball on your 5 yard line. If he did that and I were the coach, I’d have a new kicker the next day supposing I had to do the job myself.

I don’t like it early in the game either, but it is probably about the wind. If you have a strong wind in your face you have to assume the other team will move the ball easier than you will, and you just try and kill the quarter as much as possible.