Can somebody explain this to me?

I just love the CFL, but I'll be honest that some of it's rules just baffle me. I understand the rouge, (although it seems odd and not that fair that a team can win the game even though they miss the last second field goal) but someone please explain to me what happened at the end of the Argos-Als game. What the heck was all that about? How did a missed field goal turn into a punt fest with the Als getting a touchdown? Someone please bring me up to speed and explain this. Thanks.

First off.
Don't be offended, but if you think you get the rouge for missing the field goal, you don't understand it.

The single point is awarded because the receiving team does not get the ball out of their endzone. If the ball sails out if the zone, its a point if the returner is tackled in the endzone, its a point if he takes a knee, its also a point. In all three cases the ball is then scrimmage at the 35.

If the returner gets out of the enzone, no point is awarded. So if the returner is tackled at the 1, he sacrificed 1 point for 34 yards. This is the strategy of the game.....Which is more important at the time. 1 point or 35 yards

In the Als game. The score was tied and a field goal was attemped but failed. Had the ball sailed out of the endzone it would be 1 point and the game, but the Argos kept it in. They now had to get the ball out of the endzone by running or kicking it out. The returner knew he would not run it out and that would cost the game so he went to the other option...punt it out.
The punted ball was caught by Duval who had 2 options. Run it in for a TD or punt it back into the endzone for a single. Again had it sailed out of the endzone...1 point, but it didnt. Now the Argos are back to square 1....get the ball out of the endzone. They punted again but this time the ball did not get out and the Als recovered it for a TD.

Look at the rouge this way.

If the Defence forces the Offence BACK into the endzone. Its a safety and 2 points. If the Offence/kicking team forces the Defence into the endzone. Its a rouge and a single point

One more thing about the rouge

Lets say that Duval had made that field goal but instead of taking the lead, it tied the game.

Toronto would then have had Montreal kick off in the hopes that Owens would return it for a TD.

If Duval had clobbered it and kicked it into the endzone, the same play would have occured. The returner would have to either run it out or punt it out to avoid giving up a game winning single.

So you see, the rouge is not becuase of a missed field goal. You can get it after missing, but its not because you missed that earns the point

Well explained ro. It's about a kick regardless of the type of kick. I've heard that in the past some teams where they wanted a point and the wind was howling into them, when from a far distance, actually did a field goal type low driving kick as opposed to the punter trying because they felt they had more chance with a kick from the ground for the single. They weren't even trying for a field goal. Can't remember where I read that but I seem to recall it happened at some point.

Also, the final portion of that bizzare ending occured because the Argos mishandled Duvals punt. Any time the ball is punted 5 yards must be given and no-yards is in play. When the Argos mishandled the ball Montreal was more than 5 yards from that player, afterwhich they were able to tackle, or in this case pursue the ball. The Argos could not pick it up and tried to kick it along the ground but it stayed in the end zone and Montreal recovered.

There has been discussion in another thread about the rouge, only awarding it if the ball stays in the endzone and not for a ball the goes out the endzone. Had that rule been in place the Argo would have let the ball go out and the game would have gone to overtime (they had to leap to keep the ball inbounds). Duval missed the field goal from an easy distance (which he is very good at this year) and Montreal was rewarded with an oppurtunity to score points. Not a great way to end a game. However, if Lemon had taken the sack instead of throwing up an air ball a few minutes earlier the Argos would have given up the single and won the game 33-31.

Ken Miller tried to punt for a single to win instead of try for a field goal recently (can’t remember which game Calgary maybe?) and got burned. Most coaches will go for the field goal rather than punt for the single.

ro1313, thank you for the detailed explanation. I appreciated the information. Obviously it is going to take me awhile to catch up on all the rules and how Canadian football differs from four-down football. Still, it is a great game and I love the CFL.

That was a finish for the ages for sure. Nicely explained Ro. :thup:

Ro gave the best explanation I've ever read -- that was great!

In kicking into a crosswind today at goal when working out and trying out different shoes, I can attest to at least the part that definitely it is easier to kick the ball from a lower point to drive it to get distance than to launch it high whether punt, place, or drop kick. Accuracy is a whole different matter, but because they needed only a single that tale is highly plausible.