can Ricky bring some NFL players over

it would be great if Ricky Williams could get more players from the NFL to play in the CFL.put a little scare into the teams down south.

I dont know how old you are but I remember a time when the CFL paid more than the NFL and many snubbed the NFl and came to play here!

I wasnt around then, but I've heard about it. lol

One specific name comes to mind jman… George Reed ring a bell???
( I’m waaaayy to young to remember it as-well though )

Hey, with backs like Roberts in this league, we are fine with who we get that the NFL may not want, smaller guys who are excellent in their own right.

Obviously George Reed..

i can take the hint guys,i'm just asking a sample you think that he could influeance other NFL players to jump ship to the CFL for maybe 1 or 2 years.thats all i'm saying we need high profile players like that and enjoy our game of football.

Hey Caperdude

I sure hope Ricky does just that. From what we heard, his experience here was positive and a "name" player boosting the league can only be good for recruiting. A guy who's played 3 years NFL is generally considered burned out. That's just prime age for a CFLer. Great way to to have fun for football's sake when the money days are over.

Thats a Valid question!

To be honest...any time you get a high profile player come out and say he likes playing our is good!

Terrell Owens came out a few months back and said he would have loved to have played up here with our Big Field!

The CFL is getting more respect now than 10 or 15 years ago! And the earlier posters are correct that in the 30's even up to the late 60's...many players choose the CFL because of the respect they got up here and the ability to earn a good living!

The advent of the major TV contracts and of course the population down there, drove the wages up!

We have a more wide-open and excitng game. It just would be nice if Canadians didn't buy into the NFL hype that crosses our borders as a result of the Big money TV contracts. We would have a lot more people in our stadiums! But that all is just a fact of life! :wink:

quarterbacks like rich gannon and kurt warner are all washed up in the NFL they would enjoy the big field.

yep, washed-up NFLers have done so well in the CFL maybe they should make Ricky a scout/recruiter to lure up more superstars...

But a few "washed up" NFLers have flopped comming up here.

Vince Feragamo is one that comes to mind.

Or Mark Gastineau and Dexter Manley

ROCKET ISMAIL and Anthony Davis [the older one]

The ROCKET was to be picked # 1 at the NFL draft.

Tom Cousineau
1978 NFL number 1 overall draft pick
Played in Mtl 1979 to 1981

...sigh, Hamilton hasn't been the same since John Elway...

:o I don't get it!!!! The leagues are different,the games are different and the players are different. When is all this worrying about what the idiots down here in the states care going to stop????

Both leagues have their "high profile" players, yet many on here continue to think and suggest that the CFL would be "even better" if they could just get one or two of THEIR guys to go up there and see how great it is.

The CFL should NEVER be a place where nfl rejects or drug policy failure's get to go in their twilight years. All that does is take away A ROSTER SPOT for great Canadian talent!

Get over Ricky Williams already. At best he is an average running back who may appreciate being allowed to play in the CFL but that's as far as it goes I'm sure. As soon as Saban and the Dolphins open the door and their arms to welcome him back, the fastest (and best) running you'll see him do this years is over the border!

Truth be told?? The nfl does NOT look at the CFL as a "partner" in their global vision of the game. They look at the CFL as a minor league (although for national relations they will never say that), and they don't think Canadians can even play the game, which is why you do not see but a handful of them in the nfl.

If you want to see all glitz and hype and pyrotechnics at halftime, along with overpaid crybaby's and buy overpriced tickets just to witness an awe inspiring 10-7 or 9-6 game almost EVERY week?? Then the nfl is the league for you.

But....if you want to see REAL Football (and yes it is the oldest and original form) with true athletes who work hard day in and day out, who give 110% every game day, who can break free for a 60 yard pick up like anyone in that other league,or make an acrobatic catch as good or better then anyone in that other league,or if you want to see a good old fashioned "trick" play which makes the game even that much more fun and exciting....OR if you want to attend a professional sports league's Championship Game by WALKING UP and buying a ticket....Then the CFL is the only game in town.

There's only ONE original...and the nfl isn't it!!! Leave their hasbeens down here and lets start getting the talent from the city's and suburbs, and the farms and praries and anywhere else you can find boys playing football in Canada and what you will end up with is the finest talent in the country making an already great league shine all the brighter.

Ricky could bring people over if they're willing to give up their money for a chance to play football and smoke grass. LOL
I do think now NFL players who can't play there for one reason or another will now see this as a more serious option