Can PRINTERS get the CATS into the 2007 Playoffs

With the possibility of the Ticats signing Casey PRINTERS I was wondering if that would give us a chance at the playoffs this year.

As you can see by the standings, we very well may be able to catch Toronto but we also have to worry about Edmonton or Calgary crossing over to the East for the playoffs.

East Division Team GP W L T P
Winnipeg 9 5 3 1 11
Montreal 9 5 4 0 10
Toronto 9 3 6 0 6
Hamilton 9 1 8 0 2

West Division Team GP W L T P
Saskatchewan 9 7 2 0 14
BC 9 6 2 1 13
Calgary 9 4 4 1 9
Edmonton 9 3 5 1 7

You would need must wins against all east teams and wins against the bottom two in the west (Calgary, Edmonton) then you have a chance.

Talking playoffs is complete nonsence.

Best coaching rant ever. I laugh every single time i see it.

If he's signed this week, it will be at least three games before he's the starter (just being realistic re terminology assimilation, CFL rust, etc.). We are going to lose at least one of those games. Crossover death, I'm afraid.

However, things could get tantilizingly close enough if we catch a break or two. We need at least one new tackle, a reliable possession receiver (Bauman still needs a lot of work), and a healthy Lumsden just to be competitive with the group we have now.

One thing is clear. Casey can make plays that nobody in our current depth chart can make simply because he has the athleticism, guile, and experience (including the NFL intermezzo) to scare the cacapoopoo out of every defence in this league.

Gameplan against him? Gonna take a hell of a lot more effort than with Jason Maas, straight up.

Oski Wee Wee,