Can Mike Kelly do anything right?

You can’t be serious, how many times do you have to hear it before it sinks in ?

Why would Glenn take less money to stay in Winnipeg, when he could get the same and be in Hamilton, where he really wanted to be ?

It’s the same thing with Gauthier & Picard, they wanted to be out east and got a schat load of cash too boot.

Kelly would have had to pay more to keep those three here. If cash wasn’t an issue, I’m sure he would have been glad to do it.

Do you even bother to find out facts before you post, or do you just shoot from the hip all the time? I’m focusing mainly on your GM issues which are all mostly in-valid…let me explain why…

Gauthier: He’s from Quebec. The Bombers approached him to re-sign but he wanted to test FA for a chance to get closer to home, mission accomplished cause if you look at your map, Hamilton IS closer to la Belle Province than Manitoba.

Picard: Same deal here, he’s also from Quebec (Montreal I believe…maybe both are), and Picard was also approached to re-sign but opted to move closer to home if he got the chance…now consulting my map, yup Toronto IS closer to his home town than Winnipeg.

Established Canadian players in the CFL trying to get closer to home, or IN their home town is nothing uncommon. Clermont jumped at the chance when he got it, Jon Ryan made it known if he came back to the CFL he’d look to Saskatchewan first, and I don’t blame them. Hey if you’re good enough to essentially decide where you’re going to play…why not move closer to friends and family. Now yes Kelly could have blown them out of the water with huge dollar signs, but if you’re sinking that kinda coin into two guys, is it really a good deal? This isn’t the NFL where you can pay every starter $1 Mil. a year.

Derrick Armstrong: If you’re blaming Mike Kelly for this you are either Derrick Armstrong, Derrick Armtrong’s mother, or completely clueless on what it means to be a good teammate. Mike Kelly, due to a last minute scratch in Edmonton, had to make a few emergency roster moves. They had to make sure they had the ratio covered, he had to make sure if one or two NI’s got hurt they’d STILL be able to cover the ratio. Now Derrick Armstrong had completed ONE…read that again…ONE full practice due to his knee injury/surgery. He still wasn’t 100%, and neither was Bowman. So Mike Kelly figured it’d be an obvious move, rotate…read that again R-O-T-A-T-E (not BENCH), DA and Bowman so they wouldn’t take as much punishment and risk re-injury. Would Mike Kelly have liked to give DA more advanced notice, definitely, but he didn’t have that luxury. DA took some ego issue with it and then did the one thing NO PRO PLAYER EVER DOES…and every pro player will agree to it, you just DON’T ever…NEVER refuse to play. You’re quitting on your teammates, and that’s darn near unforgiveable…if you’ve played team sports you should know this, you don’t just ditch your team.

Dan Goodspeed: This one was a tough one, and even when it happened Kelly said it was a trade he had to think long and hard about because of how good Goodspeed is. BUT, Kelly wanted an All Canadian O-Line, and a lot of coaches in the CFL and GM types agree that if you can field an All Canadian O-Line…that’s what you do. Also, Goodspeed’s contract was getting bigger and bigger, and lots of teams eventually gut older, higher priced vets (or trade them if they can) and try to bring in younger, cheaper talent…that’s how you run a football team in the salary cap era. The New England Patriots, Pittsburgh Steelers, and Indianapolis Colts all run their teams like this in the super strict NFL salary cap system and do quite well.

Stefan Lefors: In 2007 this guy threw for 400 yards in one game. Last year he was ranked 4th amongst all QB’s with 150 attempts or more. He’s struggled at the #1 spot this year, but Winnipeg is the toughest enviroment to BEGIN your career as a starter in as we tend to eat quarterbacks alive in this town. He’s got leadership, he’s got intensity, he’s mobile, and even though we haven’t seen it this year much (or at all) in '07 and '08 he had accuracy…and you don’t just lose that overnight. Keep in mind (I know the whole hating process is less exciting when you have to think but bare with me) Lefors is working in a new system, unlike the system he ran in Edmonton for 3 years. He’s working with a new O-Line and new receivers. Does he have to get better to be the #1 guy, YES. He’s said it, Kelly’s said it, and that’s why Bishop is here.

Keep in mind you’re giving a guy a low grade for bringing in Fred Perry, Donnie Smith, Jonathan Heffney, Siddeq Shabazz, Mike Renaud, Glen January, and Steve Morley who have all been solid players thus far. By the way, I’d say January and Morley fill the Picard and Gauthier gap…maybe not completely, but rather nicely. As for Goodspeed, hey it was a tough call, but as a GM you can’t let sentimental feelings get in the way, it’s the reason Taman hung onto a lot of guys who shouldn’t have.

Good post, blueandgold2k. There was nothing the Bombers could do to keep Gauthier and Picard. I’m going to quote a column written by Free Press columnist Randy Turner dated 17 Feb 2009:

Of course, word that tackle Alex Gauthier and centre Dominic Picard had bolted for Hamilton and Toronto, respectively, was about as surprising as a, well, a baseball player testing positive for steroids. [b]The Bombers offered each lineman exactly what they asked for and they bolted anyway.[/b]
One thing though, it's Dorian Smith, not Donnie Smith. I think you're confusing his first name with another Bomber D-line rookie, Don Oramasionwu.

So Gauthier and Picard signed in Hamilton and Toronto to be closer to Quebec? Tell how this makes sense? In their day to day lives how does this affect anything if they are an hour flight away or a 3 hour flight away from friends and family? They still have to live a city away from home, it makes no difference.
Both of your examples are using Saskachewan which is the rare example, plus both are actually from Regina. Neither of those are applicable at all.

In the Armstrong saga, if you are placing the blame entirely on Armstrong than you are either Mike Kelly, Mike Kelly’s mother, or completely clueless on what it takes to run a football team. You cannot absolve Armstrong from blame, what he did was wrong no doubt, but Kelly mishandled that situation so badly it is unreal. If he wasn’t such an egomaniac we would still have the big receiver we so desperatly need. You have two players slightly injured players, one an established veteran with back to back 1000 yard receiving years, and the other a backup with one season experience, who starts? Maybe you should try to explain this to Armstrong as well, instead of just telling him he’s not starting. Then after the game, Armstrong comes out and says he has put the incident behind him and is ready to move forward and what does Kelly do? Cleans out Armstrong’s locker thereby making him untradable so he can’t even get anything for him, horrendous asset management even if he does want to get rid of him.

So Kelly wanted an all-canadian offensive line so he trades Goodspeed then brings in an import in Glen January to replace him? Ugh how does that work? It’s not somebody else he brought in didn’t work or anything, he just simply replaced Goodspeed with January, so in reality he made no attempt for an all-canadian o-line. Also, getting rid of older more expensive veterans for younger players only works if bring in quality young players. January is just awful.

LeFors is awful. He has no system to work with (also Kelly’s fault) but this guy simply does not have the talent. Go watch the young QB’s in the league like Porter, Durant, Pierce even Jyles and despite making some mistakes, they all have at times shown that they can play. All young QB’s make mistakes, but those with talent always give you some moments where you go, “yah, he
has the potential to get there”. LeFors has not shown anything. He was 0-5 as a starter in Edmonton and unimpressive. So it’s not like he was any better in the familiar system there. Oh, wasn’t Kelly the o-coordianator in Edmonton? Doesn’t that kinda make it his system? Yes, it does have some differences but our sytem is alot closer to edmonton’s than last year’s.
Have I mentioned how shitty our sytem is by the way? Our plays are ineffective at best. Not sure how these plays are supposed to work, most of the time it is not even a execution error, there was just no chance for that play to ever work.
Lastly on QB’s, Kelly should be be praised for bringing in Bishop, but rather critized for not bringing in Bishop (or someone similiar) earlier. Look over at Hamilton. They already had their guy, Porter. But they , like most smart organizations, new that to depend on a young unproven QB was STUPID. So they went out an got a veteran talented QB to back him up and show him the ropes and bail him out of some sitauation young QB’s tend to have (see the Wpg game). Now Hamilton has arguably the best 1-2 punch in the league at QB. BTW, I was one of the people who never wanted to get rid of Glenn and felt he would bounce back this season more to his '07 form.

Also, Fred Perry has largely been a dissapointemnt, IMO. Yes he has a few sacks, but he gets caught cheating more than any d-end I’ve watched in the CFL since well, probably Tom Canada in his last year where he was ineffective. And no, Morley and January are not filling the gap, what was a strenthg has turned into a weakness that will have to be addressed in the off-season next year, hopefully with a new head coach.

...lets get this straight.....Both Picard and Gauthier were offered contracts....Picard wanted to move on....why????anyones guess... His play with the argos this year is far from stellar....glad to see him gone...Gauthier was offered a good he even admitted at the time was what he asked for...ended up basically saying 'kiss my arse' and left...good riddance....Goodspeed was expensive...he was moved.....
Armstrong was can't have players running the team....most experts agreed...and so he sits in limbo as of today....
January is performing well....where this crap came from that he's awful, i don't know...Kelly has never singled him out this year for mediocre play :roll:

There has been A LOT of player movement on this Bomber team in 09....and a huge amount that were cut/released have NO PLACE TO PLAY....HMMMMMM ya think maybe there's a reason////lol Let's look at a few
Marlbrough,Jerome Haywood,Cam Hall,Canada,...and Robert Bean....gonzo

We have taken a new'll take time to get this team into Grey Cup contention...however the talent is there...The defence is already showing signs of improvement......and once the offence finds its footing....lookout....we're on our way.. :thup: :rockin:

Good post pops.

And let's be honest, even though we don't want to say it, this is a rebuilding year for the Bombers. Which means changes will constantly occur until they are satisfied with what they got. The offense in particular is very much in a state of flux.

That’s not what Kelly was saying a couple months ago. Anyway right now the Bombers are battling the Argos as the new Ticats.

You missed a few things in your summary. Armstrong says he’s putting it behind him, Armstrong and Kelly talk privately and settle the issue, Armstrong then goes to the media to whine again, Armstrong and Kelly speak privately albeit loudly then Armstrong’s locker was cleaned out.

If Armstrong had any value he would have been signed as a free agent by another team after being cut but he hasn’t been. The Argos, for example, had him in for a look but didn’t sign him because of his knees. The Bombers wouldn’t have gotten anything for him no matter how the situation had been handled. However had Armstrong acted like a team player there would have been no situation. He should have gone to Kelly privately after the game to complain and not walk out on his teammates by refusing to play. Doug Brown wrote a great column in the Free Press this week about Derrick Armstrong and Arland Bruce. For those who haven’t seen it, here’s a link:

Considering how they started last year, even a rebuilding squad could do as good or better, as we are seeing by their record.

Do I sound like I care if Kelly singled out January? The crap came from he’s awful has come from the field, where the game is played. You have to pay for the best o-lineman in the league. You have to pay stars, it is that simple.

On your list, just of note Malborough did not report to Edmonton’s camp for personal reasons, so he chose not to play so exclude him(not that I think he is any good really just anf fyi). Notice the others are all on defense, which is admittedly much improved. Also of note, Taman had moved on also from guys like Canada so it was not really a Kelly move. And it has been known that the secondary was a weakness, and all of L.Walls, Craver, Hefney were good pickups to improve that area. Cam Hall not finding a contract is a head scratcher of mine, and Haywood was getting older so I guess that makes some sense, idk. But yes he has improved the defence but at too much of a cost to the offense.
Another issue I have is we are spending lots of money and wasting talented personal on defense at the expense of offense. R. Johnson, James Johnson and Lobendahn were or could be starters elsewhere but are relegated to backup roles while we need to upgrade our receiving core, o-line and QB position.

Ok, well as of right now till the labour day I am living in Edmonton so I did indeed miss the second time he went to whine to the media. Just out of curiousity do you know what he said the second time? I still think that this was handled poorly by Kelly. I really believe that Kelly has an ego problem though, which causes unnecessary friction between players and results in unnecesary cuts. This is based on interviews and how many players he has had a problem with already.

...Handled poorly?????Armstrong left Kelly NO CHOICE......too bad, Derick royaly screwed himself...nuff said :expressionless:

ya armstrong screwed himself, which is to bad, he was poised to be our #1 go to guy this year. we shoulda went hard after bruce in my opinion. it remains to be seen if edwards can step it up, but imo we dont have a superstar go to guy right now.

someone who takes pressure off all the other recievers, and can make a play when were desperate for one... romby is also having trouble stepping in to the number 2 role. arland would have really helped this team, its to bad kelly didnt see that

Lol, Armstrong screwed himself but you want Bruce? That makes no sense.
It is pointless to rate the WR’s though because we can’t get them the ball. The only thing is we could use a talented bigger receiver but hopefully Bowman can develop into that role. We should be using Hargreaves more as well, he is better than fucking Ralph never liked him.