Can Mike Kelly do anything right?

Here come all the naysayers - jumping on to agree. Well read first!

I just listened to the coaches show last evening, along with the previous coaches show in the CJOB audio vault. This guy has SOLID answers to every question, and still gets ragged on by the callers. Talk about a frustrating situation to be in.

Is he rude? Not in my eyes. He's honest, and will not take garbage from anyone without dishing it back. 2 shows back some guy lays into him and ends the question with "Do you still have that salt shaker". Kelly answers back with a humorous yet carefully worded answer that ended with reference to the guy selling fries. EVERYONE GETS OFFENDED BY THIS! Give it a break! The guy opened the door and Kelly closed it! Polity, and soft spokenly closed it.

Last night after carefully explaining that if someone asked a good question, he would treat it with respect. If you are coming in to blast him, then don't expect respect back. It's a give and take situation. Right after that call - some idiot calls in and blasts him, then takes offence to the answer. C'mon. It's simple. If you are rude to him, don't expect a warm, fuzzy answer :smiley:

Why has Kelly lost everyone's respect?

Is it because he has managed to put together the best defence in the league (still arguable, but looking good so far). Everyone is still ticked off that he dumped Canada, Malveau, etc... HEY, Look at our "D".

Our special teams are excellent compared to last year. The return is not very good yet (it was still worse last year until Armstead came in), but the coverage is 100X better than what we had.

Serna is hitting kicks from outside the 40 this year. The punter is not kicking long, but he is DEADLY ACCURATE and his mean streak was the highlight of the game the other night. TWICE!

Sure, I will agree that he allowed too many of the "O" line to leave in the off season. But that is hardly worth losing complete faith over. It happens all the time in sports.

Is it his play calling. Well - he's tried everything in his book, and it has all failed. Is every play that bad? I doubt it. Long and Run is the only option when the QB can't hit any receivers. Unfortunately the other "D" knew this as well.

So - the only thing really left is the QB. Didn't we all want Glen out of here after last years horrible outing? Dinwiddie, well - I would have loved to see him back like many of you. Kelly was QUICK to act when LeFors really started to struggle. Let's remember, he was FINE against the Stamps in game two. Nobody was ready to boot him out then. So in 1 and a half games, Kelly's decision was to make a change. NOW EVEN THAT ISN'T GOOD ENOUGH.

I will continue to support what Kelly is doing, because I believe in it! I'm also old enough to remember that this guy does have some serious credentials, he is not the "rookie" everyone in these forums seems to think he is!

Go ahead blast what I have to say! I support the guy and the team! He's the best coach we have had here since Ritchie! AND REMEMBER, it was year 2 that Ritchie started to really succeed.

You mentioned the coaches show last night? You went on and on but never gave us any substance as to what was discussed? Did nobody ask about Bishop? Did he not have a answer? Did he say that Bish would start? You did not tell us any thing ?

Sorry, could I have missed it? Was there no discussion of the game against Toronto?

Well to straight out answer the question posed..........yes.

He's done many things right. Particularly in personnel decisions on the defensive side of things. Shabazz, Heffney. . .

He's done some things wrong too.

Sadly, to this point, you'd have to say that with a 1-3 record the negatives are so far outweighing the positives. But that can change.

I made two examples, one for each week. Am I suppose to translate the entire show(s) for everyone? It’s fully available on the CJOB audio vault :smiley:

Yes - there were a couple of questions about the TO game. And he answered them very, very well! For example: When asked about his penalty his clearly explained that the REFS did not follow protocal. They are (by league rules) suppose to come and explain the situation to both coaches. He was completely left in the dark and went looking for answers on the field. For that he was penalized, and then when he argued that was penalized again! 5 out of 8 coaches in this league would have done the same in my eyes.

He completely agreed with one caller that suggested Giles was under utilized. I believe his words were “we should have gotten Giles more touches”.

Yes - Irving asked if Biship would start and his answer WAS VERY CLEAR! Don’t know yet, but if he picks up enough during practise there is a good chance he will. (those are not exact words, but that is EXACTLY what I got from it). He certainly did not beat around the bush. What coach in this league would give a definite YES after one practice?

Most of the TO game questions came from Irving, not the callers. The callers were more interested in telling him everything he was doing wrong.

Exactly what I said in the original post. He gives SOLID, CLEAN answers yet everyone tears him apart and thinks he is beating around the bush. I was simply trying to point out the tone of the show that I hear, yet everyone else seems to hear nothing but negativity. I don’t hear that AT ALL!

Yes this is very true. But for some reason everyone seems to forget we were 0 - 4 last year at this time, with a team that made it to the Grey Cup just a few months earlier :smiley:

The offence stinks period. Fans who attend the games want to see an offensive display. What we have witnessed is pathetic.
You mentioned that many fans were calling CJOB and giving your hero a hard time. Should that not tell you something ?? The fans are in an ugly mood and want blood. The person who should have been shipped out last year was Bauer. If that would have happened we would not be in the mess we are in today. But sadly as it is, Bauer does charity work. So we can't get rid of him or some would be deeply offended. Maybe if you have this love for Kelly you should start a fan club.


It is hard to evaluate Kelly (do anything right?) because he in effects holds 3 distinct positions.

1- Head Coach

2- General Manager (no matter what he says)

3- Offensive Coordinator

So let's look at the responsabilities where fans may have issues.

1- Head Coach: Responsability are winning football team, ensuring everything is operating smoothly and efficiently

Team is playing .250 football when he said .450 was unnacceptable, things have been far from smooth.....

2- General Manager: Responsible for football operations.

Trade for Lefors and loss of 2 key NI Olinesmen, plus a bunch of guys released for nothing in return....

3- Offensive Coordinator

Weakest part of the team right now....

As a Head Coach I'd rate him a B
Improved play on 2 units.

As a GM I'd rate him an E
Lefors,Picard,Goodspeed,Armstrong,Gauthier decisions catastrophic...

As an Offensive Coordinator I'd rate him a D
Lack of creativity and inability to build with the personel he has (he chose see GM.HC)

How can you give him a B as a coach for improved play on ST and D but an E as a GM for bringing in the guys who have provided the improved play? Picard and Gauthier have been less than stellar this year for their respective teams. We haven't lost anything at tackle with Morley and January. The weakness in our OL is from Kahn & Bates. Donnelly IMO is better than both Kahn & Picard and will be starting soon for us at C. We lead the league in rushing and are 2nd for fewest sacks allowed. I think our OL has survived those losses. Armstrong's value is evident based on the bidding wars over him since he was released. :roll:

That's the whole point by holding so many key functions. You can't evaluate one skillset on its own.

Is it the new players or the new DC ? I don't know, you don't ...could be a combination.

I'm not sold on the offensive line sorry. Do you really want to sack Lefors ? or are you better to hurry him ?

Running game has dried up because of the lack of passing game. Kelly's own words...

The Kelly I heard last night was a lot more humble and less convinced that he is right and others are wrong... He's still has the fire to do the job but I think the last month may make him less rash in his judgement. There is no question he's a gifted football guy. It's the lack of patience in him that seems to be his biggest weakness.

Picard and Gauthier both wanted to leave and play closer to home. You can't pin that on Kelly, that was out of his hands. They had there minds made up after last years final game. Lefors, PIN AWAY !

You act like he had control over Picard and Gauthier leaving, or like sending a message that his receivers can be selfish and refuse to play because they couldn't start for one game is perfectly acceptable would have been a smart thing to do, or like he didn't bring in at least one good player for every name you mentioned, or like releasing players that nobody has picked up without getting anything in return (i'm sure teams are lining up to give up assets for guys they don't even want for free, though) is somehow his fault.

Just my opinion but I’m not buying the whole I want to be closer to home thing. Picard gave many interviews to the french Corus network in Montreal while he was in Winnipeg and he loved it there, loved it in Winnipeg. Gauthier signed once before with Winnipeg instead of signing East.

Yes they we’re free agents but IMO Kelly spooked them and it started when he went ninja on Glenn.

In regards to Armstrong he’s on record that he wasn’t sure who should start and he gave the last say to Lefors… Not a carreer guy like Calvillo or Ray but a rookie who dosen’t know shiat…

I’m not sure what your talking about because Goodspeed, Glenn, Gauthier, Picard all found takers real quick. Joe Smith and Armstrong have their own share of the blame for being where they are.

This is what Kelly said today about Bishop, Would it not apply equally if not more to Glenn as well ?

"He's not going to be a scout-team player for us," said Kelly. "He's got valuable experience. He's won games in this league. He's taken teams into the playoffs. We have a very good defence here. We have very good special teams. We have to get this offence jump-started somehow, some way in order for us to be productive as a team.

No, they were as good as gone after the loss to Edmonton in last last years east semi. They decided before Kelly got here, that is a fact.

Sorry Kasp I’m not sure I udnderstand…are you talking about Glenn or the two linesmen ?

Lineman, the media in Winnipeg was reporting Picard and Gauthiers departure before kelly was hired.

Hmmm. What I remember is Gauthier saying he gave a number to the Bombers and if they met it he would sign. If I remember right they dicked around till they realised they would lose him and by then he decided to test free agency...

Picard was more of a concern but you could be right in his case

Yeah, they found takers, but they aren't guys that Kelly released (apart from Glenn, but there's not a Bomber fan in the world who wanted Glenn to stay last year.. I like Glenn and I was supporting him all year, but by the end of the year I was convinced he had to go too.. he simply wasn't effective here.. plus he looked scared all the time, pretty much refused to run the ball), Gauthier and Picard were free agents. Kelly had no chance to get anything for guys that were free agents. He DID get something for Goodspeed.

Yes, that applies to Glenn too, and in hindsight maybe keeping Glenn would've been smart.. but again, I really don't think he was in a position to be anywhere near as effective here as he has been in Hamilton.. and who knows if he'll even keep that up at this point

But still. Kelly's come full circle and signed a QB who had problems last year, at least as bad as Glenn. Now he will say privately that Bishop is cheaper but he never gave Glenn a chance to renegotiate. I personaly like Bishop as a QB. I think he brings a very different set of problems for opposing defensces and the Bombers will be respecteable with him at QB.