Can Maas throw ?

This is only speculation but I have to wonder about Maas's arm. It is illogical to think that after a whole season of not throwing down field he starts another season by doing the exact same thing. Last year we were told (lied to) that he was healthy and he wasn't. Whether you support him or not it makes no sense to have a QB who can't throw. Chang may have played against a prevent defense, but he showed that he could throw the football. Maas still has not shown this since coming to Hamilton.

Yes Maas can throw, He can either throw it to his own player in their own endzone or to someone on the opposong team!

I would be happy if he threw it down field whether it was complete, incomplete or intercepted. I think he is damaged goods. I do not think he can throw anymore.

The answer to your question is No!
Pat Lynch (the old guy in section 7 )

cant throw,cant run, cant make reads. cant....

In a word....NO !

Agreed. He’s the best thing the other team has going for them on a regular basis. Maas is boring and the whole team seems to take on his persona when he’s in there.

I agree.

Not only has Maas not shown he has the physical ability to lead this team out of it's doldrum, his introverted on field (bench and playing) personality seems to be smothering some much needed confidence the offense could use.

He always seems so distant from other team members and unfortunately that includes his receivers. I wonder does he even ever express a 'good morning' to them.

We need a QB in the game who can inspire the players to walk through fire for him. Maas doesn't appear to be the character type to do that.

And don't start calling me a Maas basher. I'm reading the writing off the wall.

I think he played ok (not great) and can throw. If he couldn't, he wouldn't have been named starter. We'll see over teh nexty few weeks if he has enough to compete effectively with the other teams' starters.

Last night we got beaten by the team a lot of people feel is the best in the CFL. Not unexpected at all.

He looks like last year and if so, is definitely done.

No, the arms still bothering him.

His arm looked pretty good when he overthrew everyone in the end zone and Holmes was wide open 5 yards away.

The only long throw he made and it was caught, was a lame duck that should have been intercepted.

(Mikem) His arm looked pretty good when he overthrew everyone in the end zone and Holmes was wide open 5 yards away.
That wasn't a particularly long throw and missing Holmes on the 5 yard line was unforgiveable.


Yes Maas can throw, he can throw 5 yard passes very well.

Was Joe Paopao our guest coach last night? I had a very strange feeling of deja vu wathcing the game.

(shakes magic eight ball)

"It appears not."

What I don’t get is even the CBC guys were saying Maas is still injured and went so far as to say he’ll never be 100%. If true, why play him? Obviously, he can’t go long anymore. I just don’t get it!

An Argo-Cat fan

I recall Lancaster stated on chml that Maas would never recover from his injury. I think that Maas is too proud a player to admit he doesn't have it anymore.
Timmy and Richie both have real good arms and quicker feet......something that is paramount in the CFL. The young guys will have to take over the reins sooner or later.........and me thinks it just might be sooner. :cowboy:

Second time poster here. Although I'm primarily a fan of the Empire, the TiCats are my second favourite team. Although I've seen him in his prime, I still think that Maas throws well. There ARE many contingencies here: last night's game was contingent on different play-calling, receivers able to get open, and perhaps a lack of complete confidence in his new receivers. In Edmonton, he'd often go deep into double coverage knowing that his receivers would somehow make the catch. He doesn't seem to have that confidence yet with this new group. I thought he took what was given to him. I also thought there were several good points despite the loss: the running game/screens (more effective runs will open the play action pass and stretch the field), the Oline which was outstanding, the secondary forced Burris to run, the Dline forced some of his plays and passes to be hurried, and the special teams were exemplary.

In comparison to Burris, Maas still did well. Burris' throws were off - a bit short in deep passes, and behind receivers on crossing patterns/slants. However, the Calgary receivers still made the catches or interference was called. Have faith; Maas can still be effective. :smiley: