Can Kevin Glenn keep going?

In all honesty, after watching this guy play last year i never thought he would lead his team to any victory. This year he's looking pretty sharp.

My question for you guys is do you think his streak will be coming to an end? Or is this streak not a streak at all.

"Can Kevin Glenn keep going?"


Streak, What streak? Lol no for real what streak? did I miss something?

He pulled one out of his a_ss against the Esks. Bombers aren't winning their games decisively enough.

I think Hamilton is on the rise and the Bombers are on their way down. I'd bet they swap spots in the standings in a few weeks.

Can the Bombers keep winning? Not likely.

If the Bombers beat the Riders in back to back games on labour day and rubber match then I may reconsider.

  1. He beat the Eskimos twice and absolutely torched them in one of the games.

  2. Decisive wins mean nothing.

  3. Hamilton has improved but again there is nothing to prove that the bombers are going to go on a miserable losing streak.

  4. Its nice to see you've finally recovered from another Bomber loss.

  1. I mentioned nothing of the Esks but you continue to gloat. It is a true feat to beat the Esks. Relish in that as long as you like, it will be the highlight of the Bombers season.

  2. A decisive win shows a teams dominance. Barely stealing a win is fluky.

  3. Never said they would. You assume Hamilton will stay on the bottom?

  1. Recovered from another Bomber loss? I thought they won???

Also Pokey, how soon you forget how badly the Bumbers got thrashed by Montreal.

Even if they Bumbers make the playoffs they won't get passed Montreal.

The loss to Montreal showed that the Bumbers are VERY beatable. And the Esks showed that as well.

....when are you guys gonna wake in particular...Glenn is under the expert tuteledge of one.. Doug Berry...he will only get better....the signs are already there...if you talk to one of the best qbs. in the land ...Calvillo ....he will tell you of Dougs expertise in handling the quarterback position....Glenn burned the ex-Grey Cup Esks. bigtime....and i guess that hurts guys like, he's only started....Kevin Glenn is going to have one helluva' year ...and i am along for the ride....goBigBlue... :thup: :lol:

As opposed to a team losing very decisively enough. Let's just see what will happen this weekend. The big bad wolf is coming to your little straw house to blow it down.

I just find it very funny that after the 2 pre-season losses some bomber fans were crying out to putt in Michna or Quinn instead of the now-supposedly godly Kevin Glenn. Just a little riminder of what you people were thinking of him not too long ago.

The Bombers have done nothing yet. They've beaten a devasted Toronto teams. And they've beaten the last place Esks.

I understand their excitement because last year their team was a joke. But c'mon! You've only won against two teams!

Ummm after the 2 preseason losses we didnt have Michna on the team anymore. Just a little FYI type thing.

Preseason means nothing and I didnt care how good or bad he played so whatever.

everythig in CAPS and blue in his "quote" is my statement back to his

so, to answerthe main question as to will glenn keep it going? he will be able to keep it going because of his quick release and his superb ability..and especially with berry there, he'll be doing just fine

We had 78 able bodied players for pre-season and played them all. Pre-season is to evaluated the new players so that's the reason why we left the stars at home for the road game. Hey EE, should does sound like you don't think much of your team. Too bad you have written them off so early. I'm not an Edmonton fan but I still think your team is a whole lot more than a last place team.

I know perfectly well what the pre-season is for but im just saying that in the bomber forum, tons of people were wanting Quinn or Michna to replace Glenn.

GET IT THROUGH your THICK SKULL! Michna was not on the team after preseason. So you just pulled that out of your ass. Maybe some people were wanting QUinn to replace Glenn iunno because I didnt know about until about 2 weeks ago.

Kevin Glenn has surprised many thus far this season. But I'd say he'll finish 5th or so in the league "stats-wise" at the end of the year.

that devastated toronto team beat hamilton. i dont understand what it takes for u people to understand and admit that the bombers are a good team. Esks arnt a last place team, devasted toronto beat saskatchewan. like really, what does it take.

ha ha another funny thing is that most thought we'd get one win max in the first six games. now that we win most of them u start saying we only played 3 teams.

ha ha but i was one of those morons trying to tell everyone how good Glenn really was. but ya east side, i think its funny to.

i agree, their not a last place team.
it just shows hed rather admit his team really sucks than admit the bombers are a good team this year. its sad really.