Can Josh Bartel Placekick?

I was just wondering if any of you that attend practices have ever seen Bartel try to kick field goals. I wouldn't doubt that he's tried to launch a few at the uprights during practices or at training camp. I know kickers in Australian football are very skilled and accurate and they seem to also know various trick shots and different ways to handle the ball. Bartel has certainly got the leg strength to pull off long field goals and deep kickoffs. Also considering Bartel is classified as a non-import, his handling of both placekicking and punting could free up another roster spot and save the team some cap money.

What do you guys think?

At this point.. could it get any worse?

I say go back to Luca for FG's and let Bartel do kick-offs which is not Luca's specialty. They did this a few years ago when they had Eric Wilbur as punter and needed more distance on KO's when DeAngelis suffered from short/weak-leg-itis. They used Wilbur's big leg on KO's. They can do the same with Bartel/Congi in my mind.

Yes, Congi only seems to be able to get it to the opposing 20 yard line on KO's. Tack on a 20+ yard return and the other team always starts off in very decent field position. A major liability in my opinion.

What about bringing back Medlock or Nick Setta?

Are we still kicking that dead horse, I highly doudt Medlock will be back iam sure he's going to catch on with another NFL team. Now iam curious now his one year here baisicly him and Luca were the same don't think I heard anyone last year crying for Medlock and for kickoffs I believe luca was second or third in the league

the issue with the youthful Lauther comes down to experiencing the jitters on game day.

During halftime of yesterday's game, Lauther practiced a few FG trys, and easily hit 40-50 yarders.

However, real time situations seem to unnerve this 22 year old, which may be corrected with experience although we cannot afford to miss FG's in the playoffs while he gains live reps.

IMO, the Cats should give Norweigan Havard Rugland an audition and go from there.

Medlock has said he will not return to the CFL until the 2014 season, should he fail to catch on with an NFL by then.

But that said...we need to improve drastically in this area.

That final Argo drive would have been meaningless had Lawther hit his 28 yarder.

A few people asked about that on the 5th quarter. I don't think it's a good idea to try him on FGs. He needs to keep his focus on punting. He made a huge difference with that last punt and that's what we need.

As for the last drive, even if Lauther made that they could have tied with a TD and a 2 point convert. I know it's not as scary, but still not great. I would go back to Congi at this point. We need the experience going into the playoffs.

Lauther needs to sit, see a sports shrink, and come back strong next year.

Congi needs to be reinstated as the placekicker. I agree that he has the big game/big pressure experience that will serve this team best in the playoffs.

Medlock would be a good candidate for Ottawa, a good PK and a punter. Hope they sign him.

Kickers have a tough job, when they miss 3 points everyone wants them fired. But if you are a receiver and you drop a TD they are forgiven. I've seen a lot of receivers miss 6 points

Exactly my thoughts, there is a reason why NFL teams have a punter and a kicker, hire guys that are exceptional at one or the other, not someone who is great at punting or kicking, and mediocre at the other etc....yes I know NFL teams can have larger game day rosters. Let Bartel keep up his excellent punting and hope Ozzie et al. can settle down the brains and the techniques of Lauther & Congi.

Bartel was a Aussie Rules player and they don’t place kick. The other huge sport in Australia is Rugby and they are placekicking experts but don’t punt, just drop kick once in a while.

I don't mind Congi as our FG kicker but I don't like his kick offs.
Earlier poster mentioned having Bartel try kicking off. Great idea.
Another thought WAY outside of the box.
Is there not a big strong ST guy that can just toe hack the ball farther than Congi can?
You wonder??

Like my old neighbor in Ottawa ... Moe "The Toe" Racine!

Good one.
Neil Lumsden used to place kick and kick off too/