Can I Make a Suggestion?

I'm sure that the people (from Ottawa) who say they miss football mean it. So why not support the other levels of football?

While by no means a miracle cure, increased support can only send a good message.

Here are a couple of good opportunities:

Saturday, Aug 25th.
Ottawa Sooners @ Ottawa Jr Riders, 6:00PM

The Sooners were 8-0 last year, the Jr Riders were 7-1...because they lost to the Sooners. They did not meet in the playoffs though.

The Jr Riders won the Quebec Junior Football League title, which the Sooners are eager to correct. Ottawa teams came in first, second and third in the standings in the nine-team league.

Saturday, September 8th.

U. of Toronto @ U. of Ottawa, 7:00PM
Ottawa Sooners @ Cumberland Panthers, 7:00PM
Laval Devils @ Ottawa Jr Riders, 2:00PM

I plan on making a double-header out of this. I'm going to the Jr Riders game at the Nepean Sportsplex, then hauling ass to FCS for the Gee-Gees. Both games, assuming you haven't taken advantage of the Gee-Gees' killer deal, will cost about $15 total.

Saturday, September 22nd.
Chateauguay Titans @ Ottawa Deacon Demons, 7:30PM
York University @ U. of Ottawa, 1:00PM
Joliette Pirates @ Ottawa Jr Riders, 2:00PM

The two Canadian teams in the Empire Football League (The league the bootleggers played in years ago) and therefore natural rivals. If you decide to watch the Jr Riders first, they happen to play on the same field. Go out for a bite and come back.

Obviously the level of play is not CFL. And the ODD play American rules. But you can support the programs that send the next bunch of local players to the pros. Increased attendance may also improve media coverage for these teams.

Please consider it. It ain't a bad way to spend an afternoon. :thup: