Can I hear from our American fans?

I'm thrilled to hear there's solid interest south of the border! Big time respect, I'm curious as to what drew you to the game? Canadian in America? Accidentally stumbled across it? Lemme know.


I've been a fan since the mid 90s expansion in the US... mostly because I started as a WLAF fan and it kinda seemed like a continuation at the time


We get CBC Windsor in metro Detroit and I happened to catch a CFL game and liked the differences in the Canadian game played in many cities I had not heard of at the time which made it more exotic to me as a teenager as well as the bigger field and end zones. It blew me away as I assumed the field dimensions would be the same as the NFL. I quickly realized the Canadian game has 3 downs, but the rouge took me awhile to figure out. This was around 1980/81. I basically learned the geography of Canada through the CFL. Many times the Grey Cup falls during the US Thanksgiving weekend so I always look forward to it as another holiday tradition in a way.


I'm Canadian, but have noticed over the years that what brings many American fans to the CFL is following the pro careers of NCAA players they liked that ended up here.


Started watching CFL after the 2004-2005 NHL lockout. Remembering Mark Lee and Chris Walby on CBC. Was dazzled by Anthony Calvillo. Able to watch the Grey Cup a few years in a row. Attended my first CFL game on vacation in Vancouver. Now I've been to a game in every CFL city plus Moncton. Seeing Taylor Field in its last season was incredible. Enjoy the faster pace of this brand of football.


I have enjoyed the CFL since I first saw it in the 1980s. I played 4 down football into college and then coached junior-high kids for several years, but I still say 3-down ball is more exciting. I hope for good attendance and TV numbers for the shortened season.


I am American. I first saw the CFL in 1970 as a kid growing up in Cincinnati, Ohio. I have always enjoyed the CFL style of play and watch when I can. I am happy to see I will have access to all games in 2021, and am pretty excited for kick-off tonight.

I am a huge sports fan and follow most team sports in North America, and also international rugby, primarily from New Zealand.

Just curious, is U sports football very popular amongst Canadians? If anyone watches, I am interested to know how - streaming, cable / satellite package?


I've been a fan since the 90's. It's been hit and miss. The worst period for me was when the CFL games were on FOX Sports World, The Football Network and VOOM HD. When I finally got my house and subscribed to the DISH Multi-Sport Package, I was able to watch on the various regional sports networks that carried the America One Television feed. Of course they didn't carry all of the games so I had to resort to sailing with the pirates for some of them. Can't forget the stint with the NFL Network then the move to the ESPN Networks. Even then I had to sail with the pirates because DISH did not have an agreement with ESPN for ESPN3 access (Canadian Thanksgiving Day doubleheader, for example). I signed up with ESPN+ for the CFL season when the games moved there from ESPN3. I cancel when the regular season is over.

I'm looking forward to this season.


My re-introduction as an American was in 2009 after remembering the games on NBC during the NFL strike in 1982. At such time I was sailing the pirate seas, for coverage was sparse. I was looking for something in the overly long lull between NFL seasons with mostly crap on TV.

I joined the forum in February 2010 and never looked back as the popularity spread here in the US despite still less than proper coverage on TV and not streaming.

As a former rugby player as well and a student of the history all things football, I appreciated the differences in rules compared to American football even more with the emphasis a bit more on field position as part of the overall game strategy.

And then I like the bigger field and emphasis on pass accuracy because there is no down to waste away like in some of the dud games in American football.

Special teams are so much better in Canadian football too! Every play is built for more excitement instead of the fair catch, touchback, or the "illegal touching" that downs the ball on a punt followed by yet another television timeout. :roll_eyes:

The TSN broadcasts also are friendlier to the fan and far less corporate and stodgy than our NFL broadcasts. Most of the time it is just plain fun to watch even with the blunders of Rod Black, Glen Suitor or Matt Dunigan or clumsy moments.

It's about damn time things start again tonight!


That's great! Here's to a much needed CFL season :beers: I appreciate your response

Student of the game, respect eh. Dunigans my favourite lol

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I couldn't imagine having to put in that kind of work lol. There was a time when CBC had the rights and were bad for blacking out the local games. Eventually we were able to get an out of region affiliate, but we missed many a game when we couldn't make it to commonwealth stadium.

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Back in the day when pirate threads were the only option for those of us outside of Canada or even for some folks in Canada who did not have TSN and there was no streaming option, we used to post them here.

They were hacked up big-time back then too and it was an art to surf and sail them.

But alas we prevailed like 90% of the time because we must get our CFL action you know! Some extra booze often helped us too!

We in Canada probably took it for granted, I'm happy that it's gonna be easier for you

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Not really a fan won't watch but I like to talk football.Just not a fan of the CFL in live sports but I will talk football

There is a section in Other Threads for that here on this CFL site. And of course there are other football sites.

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But have you ever? Won't means you don't go outta your way, I know it ain't easy in the US but if it's on ESPN 12 or whatever you'd be like no thanks there's a rerun of big bang theory on?

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That's absolutely true lol fair nuf :rofl:

Ay Sully......true enough lol

just saw it on TV one day, and found it cool.