Can I Get Directions to Scott Park?

I have been told by a few forum members that tailgating takes place at Scott Park.

I am to bring my own juice boxes, cups for said juice boxes, food and garbage bags. (I think it's great that we clean our own mess).

The one thing that I don't know, however, is how to get there! :stuck_out_tongue:

Can anyone give me directions?

I'm coming from Windsor so I'll be taking the 401 to the 403... after that I'm clueless!

ps - Who else is tailgating? It would be nice to put a few faces to your names.

Rusty..It is right across the road from the Stadium, on the Cannon St side. Can't miss it, all kinds of cars, big vacant school, and guys in skirts standing around smoking grills. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi Rusty:

Follow this link:

We’re in Lot J right beside the old Scott Park High School.

For Saturday games crowds start to gather 4 hours before the game. I’ll be there around that time as it is my turn to cook.

The Ticat Tailgaiting community has grown quite a bit over the last couple of years, and I think it’s safe to say there is a 100 to 200 people tailgating excepth for Labour Day when there is over 500!

It’s a cool environment, different groups mingling with each other talking football and celebrating the Canadian game. I really enjoy all the kids and parents throwing footballs around on the baseball diamond before it’s filled up with cars.

It really is a festive atmosphere.

See you there, I’ll be the on behind the BBQ with the Box J Boy shirt come over and say hello.


Rust... just hit me, don't wander over to the school at the end of the stadium near the jumbo tron, it is under the wrecking ball. Also there is a school at the other end, also not the right one. The one you are looking for is across from the small soccer pitch beside IWS.

Thanks guys.

I had to cut through some school to get to the game last week... there was no tailgating so it must have been a different school. Cannon street... I'll remember that.

Jare, if and when I see you cooking I'll stop by to say "hello".

I am convinced that Hamilton has the best fans in the league.

Thank you all for your help.

Get off the 403 at Main Street East, it's a one way street, continue until Sherman Avenue South turn left until Cannon Street turn right and continue until you see the Stadium and Scott Park.

go to Ivor Wynne …turn around.

Can’t miss it.

turn around?? which way?? north/south/east/west/northeaast/southwest...too many choices... :smiley: :wink:

Turn around, but don't click your heels 3 times..

i’m usually there about 3 hrs prior, rusrty make sure you bring plastic cups.

Will do.

Its right across the street from Ivor Wynne on Canon.

If anyone feels like saying "hi" to me I'll be wearing a Ticats hat, glasses and a black "I support our troops" t-shirt.

It would be nice to put some faces to your names.

ps - My name is Ryan.

Well I'll be making my first Cat game of the year.. I'll keep an eye out Rusty!