Can I bring my DSLR and long lens?


I'm planning on attending a game at BC Place later this year and was hoping to take some pictures with my D3 and attached 70-200mm lens. I think that the NFL restricted spectator lens to to 6" or less and don't know if the CFL has a similar policy. I'm hoping someone here has some experience shooting from the stands or knows.


Might have problems with that since the Lions are playing at Empire Field this season. :wink: Welcome to

The list of prohibited items for Empire Field are listed at the PNE website:
The list does include cameras.

It better be a big lens cause the game is at empire stadium at the PNE site about 10 miles away . since your going to be at BC place take some shots of the renovations so you can post them on this board.

I read the conduct and courtesy rules and one of them was "Wearing obscene or indecent clothing" that should have eliminated all those Rider Fans . :lol: :lol: :lol: . I jest I sat beside a couple at the BC vs Riders game and they were great and we all had a good time.

Hey that's cool oilerrocker as they seem like a fun bunch along with some of their fine commenters on here.

I was worried for a bit as I was about to ask you if "Poor grooming, poor dental hygiene, and/or foul body odour" was one of the conduct and courtesy rules to eliminate most of them as well.

Chris as you are the proud owner of a DSLR with a long lens, Is it true the bigger the lens and the closer to the cheer team or otherwise, the hotter the poses by the models?

I've been told me that it's not the length of the lens that's important, but the girth.

No it's not the length of the lens it's how you use the Camera. lie.


Gentlemen (and I use the term advisedly) -

Even a poor camera may produce beautiful shots if the mind behind the lens understands the principles of photo composition - including how to treat the subject matter appropriately and how to arrange a scene so that the end result is beautiful.

Indeed as has been, is, and would be confirmed by many a scream and requests for more shots :lol:

It's been indicated to me not always verbally that it's the total package and delivery that count after effective yet smooove presentation. That's not a misspelling. :lol:

Anyway with an interest in photography in the past, I was just curious to find out from Chris what he's noticed personally with that big lens because hot chicks tend to love posing for cameras. :cowboy:

I don't know about BC, but I was at the Ticat-Argo game at the former Skydome a few weeks ago and one of Rogers Stormtroopers one section over from me removed one guy with a camera and long lens. You have to remember that football games, like concerts, movies and live theater is copyright protected and you can't record or photograph any of those so I would imagine football games would be the same. I guess it depends on how vigilant the security is. In the case of that game, the guy got back to his seat, but I think he had to delete his photgraphs and put the camera away.

On the other hand, it's also known that the more expensive the camera the greater the opportunities for a successful shoot.

According to my wife it's the more expensive the shot , the camera only comes out when she's ready
to have her picture taken , and don't blow it cause you only have one shot at it then were out of film till next week. have as much chance of getting your professional camera and long lens into the stadium as I would have getting this into McMahon

...actually, now that I think about it, this is Alberta and given our general stance on the long gun registry I probably stand a better chance than you and your photographic equipment...

I could think of a few uses for the object in RedandWhite's photo above.
(see "Most Disliked Player of All Time" thread :lol: )


Easy there Hit 'em Hard! Did you knock off more soldiers in your bar or something too? :lol:

Red And White's post was hilarious too. :lol:

God bless Alberta and screw that gun registry to help mostly the criminals who don't bother anyway! :rockin: