Can Harris Win Another Rushing Title?

2 good games to start after missing the 1st 3 to injury....can he still pull off his 3rd straight rushing title?

He now has the most rushing yards ever by a Canadian....add in his 5000+ recieving yards and his status as the best ever is cemented.

Lets Go AH33!


Possibly...he’s certainly got the talent. If Stanback stays healthy, it might be tough, seeing as he plays Ottawa three more times. (No disrespect RB fans)

Yes, Montreal got the luck of the draw playing Ottawa 4 times this year, Bombers don't get the free pass once.

I think his suspension for PED use will forever prevent him from becoming the best ever. It's tarnished his legacy, just like Bonds in MLB.

He still looks like he has game left though, not as explosive as he once was, but still a good back.

Yeah, not really fair...but I’ll take it after the last ten years. But in the long run it’s not good when you have to play the best teams less.

He is a beast.

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Perhaps "best ever Canadian" but he will never catch George Reed or Mike Pringle.

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33 is Public enemy number one to all CFL defenses , he is TNT a power load . Harris is back in town , hungry , lean and mean .

He's a blessing and a problem. Awesome back, the best in the league. BUT...they need to get him to the playoffs in good shape. That's the time of year he does his best work and he's needed most.

Harris will lead the league in rushing again, if he stays healthy, yes.

I'm going to say 'no way Jose'. 'Impossible'. 'Nope'. 'Can't be done'. 'He's waaaaay too old'.

As long as enough of us doubt him he'll carry a HUGE chip on his shoulder and win the rushing title hands-down. It won't even be close. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Kadem Carey could possibly challenge?

'Kadem'. Sounds like a drum rimshot. Does Carey do comedy? :grin:

He got pretty outplayed today.....I'd put him a distant 4th.

6 carries for 43 yards today. He's exciting when he breaks one but its that tough running up the gut like Harris does that tires defences and wins games.

He'll have to significantly outrush Wilder in their next 2 matchups. He did out produce JWJ in both rushing & passing yards, but I think he's gotta be the fav right now.
Too bad there was no football lastyear, we'd be talking about Harris going for a 5th rushing title.

I think Stanback has to be the favourite at this point. Stanback seems to be getting stronger, whereas Wilder's best games were his first 3.

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Wilder's last three games were under 75 yards rushing.
Stanback's last two over 112.

Wilder has played one more game at this point.

I agree with you Dave, I think Stanback is the one to watch.

Well Stanback does have 3 more games vs Ott so that could be....

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And Harris has 2 against the Lions. Stanback rushed for over 100 last night. Harris should have no problem :wink: