can Hamilton make the playoffs?

Can Hamilton make the playoffs? They looked real good last week. I thought today Montreal would kill them. But Porter looks like a great young qb. The offence looks good and Keith is going to get better every game. Maybe Ticats will do bad in 2nd quarter. But right now they look pretty good. Marcel B did not have a lot of fans out here. But give the man credit. The Ticats are much better with him as there coach.

With Winnipeg having only 6 wins with 3 games left to play, and Hamilton having 3 wins with 4 games left to play (including today) they still, mathematically, have a chance to make the playoffs. Winnipeg would need to lose all their remaining games and Hamilton win the rest of theirs. I can't see them doing it, but they sure are putting up one heck of a fight again today against Montreal, so who knows.

No Chance they are gonna come back right now against Montreal so there Playoff chances are done.

I totally agree. At the time I posted my previous message I think it was 8-7. Too bad, I kinda have a soft spot for the cats.

They could still pass Toronto is they play their cards right. :lol:

The 3-way tiebreaker could be close under tiebreaker rule C, if they beat up Toronto again.

But With Winnipeg winning on Friday, and Hamilton losing today, it’s all over. 3rd place just means a worse draft pick.

What are you talking about? If Toronto and Hamilton end up with the same number of wins, Hamilton would move ahead as they took the season series 2-1.

The only way they could make the playoffs is to finish ahead of Winnipeg because the crossover is in effect. Them finishing ahead of Toronto means nothing as far as playoffs are concerned.

Hamilton's only hope of making the playoffs right now, which means winning a 3-way tiebreaker ( vs Winnipeg, Toronto )

Man the Ticats look bad now. I was hoping they would keep playing good today. Feel sorry for the Ticats fans. In Saskatchewan we know what its like to be bad forever. Montreal looks like a grey cup team.

Guys, I think you misunderstood what I was saying. When I said they could still finish ahead of Toronto, I was implying that they could at least avoid finishing in the basement again.