Can Hamilton beat TO to a Marquee Player ???

It seems when Hamilton and Toronto have a common need, free agency always plays in the Argos's favour.

I know that there's a number of factors that would have a guy like Printers more likely land in Toronto than Hamilton. They include:

  • Allen likely retiring or losing the starting position
  • The Tiger Cats being contractually obligated to Maas in terms of a big chunk of the cap
  • The Argonauts having an established team capable of winning
  • The Tiger Cats inevitably being a rebuilding project under Desjardins for at least another few years

But assuming the Cats and Argos were in similar positions with equally strong teams and openings for the starting QB. Can we really compete for that marquee player anyways?

Toronto has:
1)The larger market.
2)The urban amenities and lifestyle desireable to a pro-athlete in their mid 20s.
3)A controlled venue and better infrastrcture.

Is Hamilton simply outmatched for the services of a Casey Printers? It just seems like Toronto always gets the marquee players.

I can think of a great number of Ti-Cats who've came to prominence with Hamilton only to go on to play with the Argos for the prime of their careers. I can't think of too many that have proven themselves in Toronto and chosen to play for the Tiger Cats for the better parts of their careers?

If anyone can point out players who came to prominence in Toronto but chose ultimately to play for Hamilton, that would be great.

More generally, which marquee players, given the choice, have blatantly chosen Hamilton over Toronto?

Two of the most important free agents that I can remember (OK I have a short biased memory)signed with Ti-Cats over that other team.
Danny Mac and Darren Flutie !
Say no more!!! :wink:

A major part of that has been Toronto's total disregard of any salary cap.

When O'Shea left here to try the NFL, he said he would love to come back to Hamilton if it didn't work out States side (I don't recall him saying he would definitely be back, just would like to). When he did come back to Canada, Argos threw a pile of money at him and he signed there (along with Flutie, etc, gaining the continued rath of TiCat fans who saw him as a liar and traitor).

Look at all the high-priced players (Flutie, the Rocket, etc) and other free agents that TO has bought (many from Hamilton... Montford, Ivory, Steinhauer, O'Shea, Johnson, St. John, etc) with no regards to money spent.

While Cats were being responsible (necessity because there was no money), Argos were spending like drunken sailors, going bankrupt in the process and requiring the League to bail them out. (ie, irresponsible offer to Montford to lure him away from the Cats. The rest of the League could only shake their heads at deals like that. Then when it was proven to be a mistake, they "stole" Miles when they dealt Montford back to Hamilton.)

They may have finally seen the light (abide to some limit) but the damage had already been done and they were/are loaded with talented free agents from those money-is-no-object sprees.

We'll have to see if they continue even with the so-called cap next year


The salary cap myth sure fuels the rivalry. I don't think there is too many present Hamilton players the Argos would like to steal. Lumsden, Hudson, Cody would be useful.
After that ??? maybe Mariuz for special teams.

Next year nothing wil change, re: the Argos not obeying the cap. Teams can offer potential free agents huge signing bonuses now that wouldn't count against the cap in 2007 (a loophole). Winnipeg is trying to retain their best free agents using this loophole, and Toronto will'll see.

And by the way, Montreal probably has no difficulty attracting talent to their team, given the "entertainment" available in that neck of the woods, if you know what I mean.

I don't know how you can call it a myth. It was there for all to see.

Look at the high-priced talent Toronto has signed over the years (so-called special allowance for "marquee players", free agents I listed (Cats and other teams), etc)

The Joe Montford deal alone blew most CFL brass out of the water. A few years back, Argos seemed to scoop up a good number of free agents that, for some reason, many other teams could not afford (or were willing to pay)

And Argos have raided Cats many times in the past (vs the other way around... joke going around had Cats as the farm team to the Argos). I can recall a Cat running back (forget the name) who was with Ottawa, signed with Hamilton because he was sitting on the bench in Ottawa, played great for the Cats for part of a season (injured) and then bolted to the Argos the following year (more money) only to be misused and sit on the bench again. (during the Sutherin years? seem to recall attending a fan meeting where he was plenty POed about it)

Perhaps there are not many "steals" on today's Cat's roster, but that didn't stop Argos in the past.

And the fact Argos had to be bailed out from bankrupcy due to irresponsible spending speaks volumes.


hamilton can attract free agents if they:

-build a new practice facility.

-renovate ivor wynne or combine with macmaster and expand the new stadium.

-offer decent housing that is close and cheap.

-give good signing bonuses.

-last but not least, they must WIN.

Does anyone know what the Argo's Erindale campus facility is like in Mississauga? I know in the Schwartz years the Argos offices were in portable buildings there. What kind of practice facility do they have there?

If someone
where to go over the Cap what is the cost ?

If the CFL Hurts a team bad Enought they Won't do it.

I hate to say it but with the Grey Cup in TO next year, the Argos will likely do anything to get there. I'm sure they'd be more than willing to pay a league fine for exceeding the cap if it ensures a Grey Cup appearance. They can easily justify it by selling out the Rogers Centre next November and more than making up for it.

I've often wondered how much the Bomber's payroll was this year as they tried to win the East. They have a few high priced guys on their roster.

An Argo fan

For what it's worth, this is the 2006 salary management section from the CFL's website:

Core Program Components Summary
Maximum Salary Expenditure Cap (SEC) of $3.8M established for 2006.
Effective Enforcement Measures including:
Full disclosure of player compensation.
Certification process.
Hired compliance officers with full access to team records.
Salary Transparency with central repository of player salary information.
Significant non-discretionary Penalties for Breaching SEC maximum based on a progressive financial system as well as competitive measures (forfeited draft picks), to take effect in 2007.
First $100,000.00 $1 to $1
$100,000.00 to $300,000.00 $2 to $1
$300,000.00 + $3 to $1
Limit on Players Under Contract to 75 players in off-season, 68 players by training camp (current year draft choices exempt).
Active Roster Limit (ARL) increased to 42 from 40 (1 import, 1 non-import), and a 4 man Reserve Roster.
Filing of Rosters timing changed from 48 hours notice to 1 hour prior to kickoff.
Practice Roster: Each club may have a practice roster consisting of a maximum of seven 7 players in accordance with the following terms and conditions:
At least 1 place on the practice roster shall be filled by a non-import player (other than a non-import player who was a candidate in the current year CFL Canadian Draft, who is not the property of another CFL club);
If 7 places are used by a member club on it’s practice roster, at least 1 place on the practice roster shall also be filled by a non-import player who was a candidate in the current year CFL Canadian Draft, who is not the property of another CFL club.;
During 30 days during the season which coincide with the National Football League cut-down of roster period, each CFL club may increase it’s practice roster up to a maximum of twelve 12 players.

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If anyone can point out players who came to prominence in Toronto but chose ultimately to play for Hamilton, that would be great.
Calvin Tiggle,? correct me if im wrong :lol: