I have pulled my post from Nov 29, 2005 confirming how the game drew in excess of 4M at 4.031M. Although the Argo loss means a drop in the Toronto mega audience, I believe it will be made up from the RDS side and who knows the game may reach 1M in Quebec. Plus, this year we have the second largest English market in Vancouver and sorrounding region.
A good competative game like the GC is every year, but will be hard to beat last years classic of OT, will be required.

Post subject: REVISED GREY CUP TV # HIGHER THEN PREVIOUS @ 4.031M Posted: Nov 29, 2005 - 09:20 PM

From my last post and which was based on the combined TV numbers for CBC and RDS, I have now looked at another source which shows a totally different number for RDS. There is no change for CBC at 3.168M, it is RDS which has increased from the previous post at 568,000 to 863,000. Which is quite a difference of some 250,000 viewers. This RDS figure is way up from last year of 218,000. But it is slightly down from the all time high in 2002(Als-Esks) at 1.19M.
Congratulations fellow Canadians for again hitting what seems to be the annual norm of 4M+.

Toronto was out last year and MTL was in so I dont think there will be a loss on one end and a gain on another