Can Gesser help the Stamps in the playoff run?

Here's the question. Last night, Gesser struggled early, and the Stamps seemed like they were gonna lose. But he came back strong in the second half, and led Calgary to a win. If he plays this inconsistent, could the Stamps be a Grey Cup contender?

Not if he keeps on throwing for 4 interceptions.....You guys want Tee Martin?

No thanks!

I voted no. He hasn't proved anything yet. Those four touchdown passes were against a sleeping secondary. Gesser played smarter in the 2nd half but most importantly the receivers stepped up and made Gesser look good. Hopefully this was a huge learning curve for Jason and that he can play better in the next few games, but right now I am not that confident he can get the job done yet.

Gesser will only get better after seeing the two ass clowns play today I see no problem Gesser helping the Stamps to the play offs. First off Gesser first pro start he did not bad and I think this is what you would have to expect. If you think other wise you are a moron. Now if you watched the game today the same mistakes were made by to guys that are vets. Yes, the turn overs will hurt if they continue but what makes any one think they will. Again these turn overs were done by a rookie not a vet! Ricky Ray through the exact same ball that resulted in an interception for a TD.

Gesser is another Buono find that made his way to Calgary. I think he will continue to be a pleasant surprise for the Stamps.

I'm voting yes.. although I would say I'm only barely on the yes side. To be completely honest, with the strength of our defence and run, and if our recievers continue to shine the way they did last game.. we only need a mediocre quarterback to get the job done. I'm hoping Gesser is better than he looked that game... but we'll see what happens when he faces a team that can bring some pressure.

If i were to vote i'd vote no. Gesser dind't seem like a very good quarterback at all. He had a horrible game in my point of view, but sometimes you really don't know until you give them a few games of playing time. So gl in winning your next few Calgary whether you need it or not! :lol:

^Agreed. I don’t know, right when Gesser snaps the ball…he seems so sluggish in the pocket. But whatever, if he is finding ways to win thats all that matters to me.

I guess he won't help much after all, seeing as how he's injured!

Now he's injured, so I don't think he'll do much :frowning: