Can Edmonton average 40K this year?

With 2 Saturday home games vs. Sask and no Thursday games can the Eskimos average 40K?

I'd say it's a good possibility. :thup:

40,000 average is 360,000 over 9 games. Suppose that the two rider games and the Labour day rematch with Calgary average 55,000 each (to be conservative :lol: ). That's 165,000 already, leaving 195,000 for the remaining 6 games, which works out to an average of 32,500. Edm would get those kinds of numbers on a Thursday night with a Danny Maccoccia team ... and there ain't no thursdays and there ain't no Danny (on the sidelines, at least) this year! Unles Richie & co. really collapse early and collapse often, Edm will likely reach 40,000 average in their sleep.

some of it depends on how good the Esks are this season.

if they are not a good team, the fans will stay away. only the hardcore fans will go and you'll see crowds like last season..

If they actually are a good team, there's a really good chance they'll get 35,000-40,000 a game.

of course when the Riders come to town TWICE this season, they'll get 50,000+

it would be so rad if they did.

As long as the Esks don't change coordinators mid-season again, I think they'll be good.

Over the last five years, the best OC Edmonton has had was the guy taking snaps from centre. Too bad they just wouldn't give him the job and get out of his way.

Being the best sports city in Canada, I would venture a guess how the City of Champions and if the weather is cooperating, can attain an average of 50,000.

If it's the best sports city in Canada, weather shouldnt matter.

When it's ten degrees below zero weather always matters, best sports city or not. :lol:

:thup: Absolutely anywhere on this planet at any sporting venue the walk up crowd is generally a reflection of the weather.

Bah....soft soft soft. :lol:

I've had season tickets for the Buffalo Bills since 1990 and trust me, weather doesn't mean a thing in that city.

Neither does winning...