Can Duron Carter Use the Dennis Wideman Defense?

We now know that all blows to the head result in micro-concussions. Carter took two brutal shots in today's game and was surely concussed by the second one considering he was actually left with two cuts to the head. My question is, can he use this as a defense?
Dennis Wideman cranked an official immediately after a concussion and had his suspension cut in half. Now of course there are no suspensions in the CFL, but can Carter get his fine cut down with this defense?
On a side note. It was best that he got ejected, saving him from further brain damage

Interesting speculation Bungle.

The Wideman thing was the biggest pile of BS ever. He should have been suspended 20 games.

Anyway back to Moron Carter.
No excuses . Just a CLASSLESS JERK.

However, Rick Campbell looked silly with the fake fall.
Plus , I agree with what was said about the sidelines.
When both teams are on the same sideline, that can happen.

Still , Carter started the whole thing.

[i]Guess what Brihind88?!

Johnny agrees with you 100%

Carter did a truly stupid thing! :thdn: What a dick :roll: [/i]

WOW Johnny.

I am at a loss for words. Did not see that coming.

I guess I will just :thup: to you.

I hate to agree with bungle but he has a valid point. The CFLs disciplinary system has no bite and I would be surprised if he was suspended and I can definitely see the PA using the hit as a mitigating factor in what happened.

Just the kind of stupidity the PA would get involved in and the leagues toothless disciplinary system encourages.

Personally, 100% Carters fault and he should be suspended.

Lol apparently the answer is yes, Carter believes he can. Carter claims that he had no idea he hit him until he got into the locker room and saw the replay...yea ok man.

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This guy is a piece of work honestly, he was clowning all night then capped it off by running into Campbell, then claims innocence after the game.

I usually don't hate players but Carter makes it really easy.

This is more complex than it first appeared. If Campbell had stayed on the sideline none of this might have happened. Carter probably would have just yapped at Ottawa as he went by.

Plain and simple...Duron Carter is a douche!!! It's going to be great watching Popp and the Dirty Birds slither all the way to last place in the East during the season especially if S.J. Green is lost for the season. :lol: :lol: :lol:

I agree with Matt Dunnigan. Rick Campbell initiated the contact and then he dove. Quite the embelishment.

Carter and Campbell should both be disciplined.

Much worse than the bump on Campbell is the apparent attempted head butt on an official.

If I'm seeing this correctly, that may be what gets him suspended.

Gotta disagree, I watched that gif over and over and I can see why people think Campbell might have initiated it but I think it was his shoulder snapping forward because Carter popped him in the chest. Campbell did take a nice dive but lets not forget Duron is 6'5" and 205lbs, I am a small guy and I know when one of my bigger buddies give me a bump, if I am not prepared I am likely going down, but you're right Campbell definitely pulled a sales job and really I don't blame him.

Still Carter just looked dumb anyways, he trotted over to the Ottawa bench like a thoroughbred looking for trouble and to claim he didn't see Campbell is just praying on people's stupidity much like his own.

Pretty sure he got punched in the back of the head by Gavins at that point which caused his head to snap forward. Gavins got ejected as well if I am not mistaken.

Slow it down and you'll see that that was when Gavins smacked him in the back of the head. That's why his head went forward and it's what got Gavins tossed.

How can he possibly get more brain damage when it's rather quite apparent that he has no brains to begin with ?

Maybe the Alouettes can pay his fine by passing the jar around the dressing room !!!

Yes he was on the field, but show me a coach in the league that doesn't step onto the field at least a half dozen times a game (other than to speak to officials on a call or challenge). Maybe he went down easy but he did not dive. This was all Carter. He had no reason to go toward the Ottawa bench, especially with players and staff there but he went in to instigate something and he was the one walking toward Campbell not the other way around.

Carter initiated it the interaction, the contact and should be the only one to get suspended. If Campbell is fine I suspect he has a good case to appeal. Easy to show Popp as far off his bench several times in the same game.

was a small bump, not overly vicious. The players involved will get punished and we move on from there.
I can tell you the next time these 2 teams play I will be watching. It couldn't of been scripted any better for the rematch

Yup. Missed that. Thanks.

Step above the usual for me because he went after team staff. Has to be separation between players and team officials in any sport. Had Carter done this to another player it would not be anywhere near as big an issue.

It looks like that apple did not fall far from the tree, as right or wrong now there is plenty of chatter about also his father down here again. His father has not been liked much down here either but for perhaps by the Ohio State and Viking faithful.

I don't have anything against Cris Carter other than that he sucked on ESPN (and went to Ohio State :stuck_out_tongue: ) and is now gone at last, and in fact I think Cris Carter can help perhaps in this situation.

On the other hand on the Als game thread someone remarked that Carter gave a speech to the team in training camp for someone to step up, and oh the irony now. :roll:

I think either you are missing the forest through the trees or are some homer fully in Duron Carter’s corner no matter what he does. :roll:

It’s inherently wrong and against rules to touch, forget bump, non-players on the sidelines or anywhere on the field.

Oh we’ll move on alright, but the commissioner will do something to make an example of him lest he present medical evidence for his excuses. Don’t go on pretending like “nothing to see here” there.

And even in the latter case, Carter won’t be able to play for awhile due to medical reasons anyway.