Can David Braley save the Fireworks? Why such a bad idea?

If David Braley could step forward and help with the remaining $ 300,000 to help save the Fireworks Festival this summer, what a superb marketing opportunity that would be for the BC Lions.

Consider the potential of this. Braley saves the Fireworks by becoming a partner with HSBC and at the same time requests that every person who attends the Fireworks come out to one Lions game.

If 1.2 million people attend the fireworks every summer, if 10 per cent acknowledge the request to come out to one Lions game that year, imagine how much of a boost that would give attendance.

Telus has withdrawn their committment and instead is aligning themselves with the Olympics. That is their decision. Why can't the BC Lions step forward and take Telus's place? No reason at all I think.

It would be a tremendous marketing opportunity for the BC Lions. I don't look at it from the standpoint of forking out $ 300,000.

Consider how huge the Fireworks is for Vancouver and the potential of a marketing relationship between the BC Lions and the Summer Fireworks.

So why is this such a bad idea? Go ahead shoot me down...

or mabey try to see the forest from the trees

I'd rather he spent his money on buying BC Place and operate it for a profit instead.

...sometimes though its good to see the trees so you don't go running full tilt into one while you are admiring the forest....IMO splurging a big outlay of operating cash to help the fireworks in the hopes it gets a handful of people to 'become' football fans seems risky at best....I just don't see the connection between the two....

Not a bad idea 120 ... actually a good one

Braley wud never do it tho .... he'd freak with us long hairs on the beach