CAn Cohon Get Out of the TSN Deal?

With outrage growing across the country over the Grey Cup being shoved to a pay channel, is there any chance Cohon can get out the exclusive deal with TSN and go back on his knees to CBC?
I'm not saying dumping TSN totally, but going back to the way it used to be.
With TSN getting Thursday and Friday, and CBC Saturday and Sunday, plus the playoffs adn Grey Cup.
Do you think Tom Wright was smart enough to put an escape clause in this deal? Yeah right.
This guy got taken to the cleaners.
Not sure what TSN would say, but I'm sure the CBC would gladly take back the CFL in a minute.
Considering the sorry replacements yesterday, soccer and basketball, combined to draw one fiteenth of the viewers the Grey Cup got last year.
I know it might be impossible, but for the good of the league, Cohon has to do something to try and get CBC back into the picture., a deal's a deal...

Seriously, there's an nation-wide outcry? First I'm hearing of it...

With the exception of the saturday games, I think Cohon is probably thrilled with the TSN deal.

First, the lousy numbers in Ontario were due to no Ontario representation. No surprises there.

Second, the ones who weren't able to watch were those who don't have TSN. That is, those who don't have basic cable. I know some, for one reason or another, aren't able to get TSN from their cable provider, but the substantial majority are, most likely, those who can't afford basic cable or are living in very remote locations. Are these the kind of viewers that sponsors are dying to advertise to? Nope!

Which brings me to point number three. Not only are the viewers watching on cable TV likely to be wealthier than those who don't have cable, but there were way more 18-34 year olds. This is a key demographic that has been elusive for the CFL. It seems that TSN is bringing some credibility to the CFL with these types of viewers. This is all roses for sponsorship money.

There are a couple problems sure, but overall I can't help but think the front office came out favourably.

Yes, unlike where a broadcast is on a general network, with being on a specialty network like TSN, the advertisers know who is watching much, much more and probably like this much better. A more focused audience.

Canadian advertizers are not willing to pony up cash unless it is an American product no matter what the ratings are.... The CFL is LUCKY that TSN sees them as a charity case and loses money on them... The numbers would dictate that TSN makes a killing on CFL....but when you consider that Canadian advertizers are willing to pay TSN only one third (per/viewer) for CFL games as what they pay CTV for NFL games.... you truely see why it is the Charity Football League..... I HATE THIS COUNTRY...... WE ARE PATHETIC......

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I was in the audience during a recent interview with Cohon and Bob McCown in Montreal at Hurley's.
Like many of us who were outraged when it came out, Bob also wandered why the playoffs and especially the GC game was not shown on CTV?
Even though this was before him, Cohon said he would be able talk to TSN after the season if the numbers reflected the need, about this possibility for next year.
Hurry up Mr. Commish, the time is now.

I don't believe the CFL got taken in the new deal with TSN, however, just like curling a few years ago with CBC, I think they have under estimated the impact of going a pure cable solution.

A couple of things to point, the CFL like any product provider will have built in performance clauses that will allow it to direct certian changes and in some cases re-open the contract if necessary. Similarily, TSN will have viewership clauses that will allow it to do certian things, (i.e. lift black outs, move games to time delay or TSN2 or not even broadcast them). To think that both parties haven't negotiated these types of clauses is clearly under estimating the abilities of both parties.

Now to go onto some of the misconceptions that have been thrown out, the lack of Ontario or more specifically a Toronto based team hurt the viewership this year. Then how do you explain the trend over the past 7 years of a growing number of people watching the game, when on once in the last 7 years an Ontario team was represented. You can't because that bias doesn't exist. That is like the President of TSN saying to many CFL fans don't like Montreal so they didn't watch. Sorry that is just wrong.

The largest english language draw for a grey cup game was last year. With what a little over 3. million viewers and no with no teams from Ontario or Quebec or BC or Alberta the four most populated provinces in Canada. Past on the wild assumptions somebody like the TSN President is making just about every living sole in Saskatchewan and Manitoba and all of the ex-Sask and Man residents must have watched the game.

Sorry no buying that argument either....the CFL will need to work with TSN to improve the situation for next year. If they don't then this year might not be just a blip on the radar.

How exactly was it "shoved" to a pay channel when the deal was made with the pay channel?

Tom Wright shoved the CFL to a pay channel.
Wonder why nobody asked him why he did it?
And to anybody who thinks this isn’t an issue, you must not read newspapers on the internet.
Almost every one has an article on why wasn’t the Grey Cup on CTV instead of TSN?
Check out Paul Friessen of the Winnipg Free Press.
I’d like to think they got the idea from reading my posts on this site, but I’m not that egotistical.
Am I?

I do recall when the deal was signed, it was not clear but TSN supposedly was thinking about showing the playoffs and GC on CTV.
If that was true, what the hell happened?
Regardless, thias crucial mistake can fall only into the lap of Tom Wright. That plus not negotiating properly, as only TSN was involved. Had he done it correctly, ala negotiations 101 by talking to all comers, sure TSN is a great fit, but the league could have garnered more money and the CTV thing.

You might have a little more creditability if you got something Paul Friessen writer for the Winnipeg Sun not the free press.

How quickly we forget:

CBC butchered CFL telecasts for the last 10 years. They cherry picked 1 game a week, nothing before Labour Day. And it was a rare bone for us out west to see anyone but Hamilton or Toronto.

They showed a half-season worth of games with no commentators.

They cut games off before completion.

Their annual Grey Cup coverage dwindled by about an hour per year over the last 5 years. They have done nothing new or innovative with their coverage of the game since the turn of the Century.

TSN gave us EVERY game, in HD.

TSN invented Friday Night Football.

They came up with the Gladiator concept. They had an 8 hour pre-game special this Saturday.

They are paying WAY more money than CBC was during its last contract.

The CBC CFL coverage is a rotten tribute to everything that is wrong with a taxpayer-funded network that operates without any sense of accountability to those it serves - be it viewers or the sports leagues it represents.

The worst possible thing the CFL could do would be to get back into bed with that stinking, wretched hulk of a network.

...totally true, totally true, I offer anyone to argue against that post...

how much do you offer??

Well said, Artie. :thup: :thup:

One Million Canadian Tire buckeroos!

Gotta say that knowing each and every game is on TSN is pretty damn cool. Aligning with TSN is a great step forward for the CFL. CBC is a pathetic company that is pissing away everything... and soon to be HNIC if they don't smarten up.

Why would you want to get out of that deal? Is it too convenient?