Can CFL expand to Iceland????

To answer my freinds question on here, I would have to say NO.
Sorry I do not think CFL would surive in Iceland.
But I could be wrong.
Iceman, What do you think?
Here are the stats.

Icelands population = 304,334 Plus Greenlands 56,375
Total Population = 360,709

Capital City - Reykjavik

Reykjavik Population = 115 000

Stadium - Laugardalsvöllur Stadium

[url=] ... avik.shtml[/url]

Laugardalsvöllur Stadium seats over 10 000 and shows room for expansion. Largest attendance was 20,034

Field - CFL size

Location with respect to Canada

[url=] ... ticmap.jpg[/url]

Climate due to a warm current
June High of 11.7 C Low of 6.7 C
Nov High of 3.4 C Low of -1.3 C

Airfair is affordable for traveling.

This is just a fun thread and should not be taking to seriously, however, if anyone has any input please feel free to post your thoughs.

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Hey I am hole with a cold and Bored,lol
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that would be sweet....

Why do you think?

cause i wanna go to iceland..and it would be a good excscuse to

Hmmm, whats up with you and expansion BB?

ah great then
well Canada's winters are worse,lol
I plan of going when they host the Greycup,lol


I just found out that Laugardalsvöllur Stadium can actually hold 10 000 fans.

Laugardalsvöllur is the national stadium of Iceland. It is located in Reykjavík, and seats 10,000 individuals. The first stand was constructed in 1958, the opposite stand in 1997 and the old stand was renovated and extended in 2006. Additional capacity can be added by bringing in two temporary stands seating 1,500 each. It is mainly used for football and it also has athletics facilities.

The largest attendance ever seen by the stadium was 20,034 in 2004 for a friendly match between Iceland and Italy. Iceland surprised the world by winning the game 2-0.

Hi Jman
Actually I am only interested in seeing more Canadian teams in the CFL plus maybe Milwaukee.
Iceland was not my idea, someone else posted it and since I am home sick with a cold, I am a little bored and since I love football I am simply looking into something that caught my interest.

Ok Here is a picture of the stadium housing a larger amount of fans.

[url=] ... nd_nr1.jpg[/url]

Looks like it could pull it off.

how far is iceland on a plane?

On the face of it, Iceland seems like the most logical place to expand the CFL, especially if a Halifax franchise is also added. Then Western teams could play a two-game road trip after travelling all the way to the East Coast (cutting down travelling costs).

Also Reykjavik's area population is eerily similar to Regina (especially when you add nearby Greenland) with fans travelling from far a wide to attend the games. Could the Reykjavik Rough Riders be another Sask Roughrider phenonomem???

I'm ready to book my flights and hotel rooms for the Reykjavík Grey Cup.
I can hardly wait!!

And no...I didn't bother reading the thread...I just am assuming this is a done deal.....

You cant really compare Iceland to the Sask Roughriders because iceland is on a island all by themselfs ( lol no pun intended)
Regina might have close to the same population, but when Saskatoon is taken into acount it doubles.
Then moosejaw, Yorkton, ect you have a million people supporting the Roughriders.
Plus 10 000 Winnipeg fans attend the Labour day game.
Calgary and Edmonton fans as well come to Regina to see their team play.
Iceland for the most part is by themself.
Yes Greenland can support them with pay per views only but thats it.
But here is what interests me about this whole idea.
If the CFL just played one, and it would only take one exhibition game, then the CFL would get international attention from all over the world.
Even the NFL cities would be talking about it.

Ummmm, guys and gals? Expansion of the CFL to a buttfreakin’ cold locale? Haven’t we seen this already from a certain someone who’s been shown the door 3 times already (yet has found some way to re-emerge despite all the attempts to keep him off of this site)? And isn’t it ironic that said person had BB (albeit a different connotation) in his last 2 incarnations as well?

mongo makes a good point.....Baron has about 40 posts a day, wants expansion to frosty locals, has an unnatural fascination with Canad Inns Stadium, etc. etc......sure, he posts from Manitoba, but wasn't someone else supposed to be in Manitoba this week?

Let the conspiracy theories begin..... :lol:

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I cant go to work and I cant leave my house.
I am legit and I am willing to chat with anyone on msn right now I am so bored.

And remember guys, I even said at the beginning of this thread that it was not to be taken to seriously.
Geesh you guys.

Forgive me, CFL Mod Gods, for I am about to sin..

That desperate to talk about the AP again, eh "big boy"?