Can Brandon Bridge Make It As A Canadian QB ?

Intriguing story anytime the subject of a Canadian QB comes up. Bridge is very athletic, rifle arm, but not very accurate. And haven`t we heard that before. Can he develop and improve under Schonert / Dinwiddie / Calvillo is the question.

Here are a couple of NFL draft reports on him:

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Nombreux sont les dépisteurs qui ont conclu que Bridge n'avait pas la précision qu'il fallait pour réussir chez les professionnels. Il n'a pas été sélectionné par une équipe de la NFL, et aucune équipe ne lui a offert de contrat non plus.

Je crois qu'il pourrait être converti à une autre position, mais qu'il ne sera pas le prochain Gerry Dattilio. La précision est capitale dans la LCF (demandez à Troy Smith) et s'il n'est pas parmi ceux qui sont précis dans la NCAA, il ne le sera probablement pas plus dans la LCF. Bien des grands passeurs peu mobiles ont été des grands quarts, mais peu de quarts mobiles imprécis le sont devenus.


The only question is "can he make it as a CFL QB", as being Canadian makes no roster difference.

The "Canadian QB" question is, IMO, really about CIS developed QBs, essentially meaning through the CIS. A Canadian who is recruited to a US university and developed as a starter through that system is on an even developmental footing with an American QB from the same school; so nationality becomes moot.

To see a CIS developed QB establish themselves as a CFL QB (starter or backup) would be a wonderful; and somewhat surprising, as generally a CIS QB has neither had the same degree of focused coaching, nor the level of competition against which, to develop.

According to Popp, Bridge has talent and "craftiness" but his mechanics need work. So if he's going to succeed, he'll have to put work into the fundamentals. This year, I imagine he'll be hidden on the LTIR as we try to figure out what we have in Crompton, LeFevour, Marsh, and Skelton, but next offseason, he might have a chance at cracking the roster.

Prediction: Skelton will not be an Alouette next year.

I hope Schonert and Calvillo will be able enable this Canadian QB to learn and develop his raw talent.

(1) To be optimistic, "mechanics" are something that can be taught/corrected.

(2) I expect Skelton to be on the roster to start 2015, with his place depending on LeFevour's recovery and his play (as compared to the other two). 2016 ...... too many variables.

Popp on the radio this morning did not sound all that confident that he will be able to reach an agreement with Bridge`s agent, and that it is possible he will explore NFL opportunities. He had attended Dallas mini-camp without subsequently being signed.

I for one won`t lose any sleep over this.

He was also told he is waaay to raw and IMO he better sign here and now. If he wants to be QB.

Neither will I. Million-dollar arm, ten-cent brain if he thinks that he'll even get a sniff of an NFL roster if the CFL doesn't think he's developed enough to be pro up here.

Everybody seems to be talking like Bridge will be in training camp, but I do not remember hearing anything about him signing. Did I miss it?

Drew Edwards is saying Bridge has signed.

Montreal has kept 4 or 3even 5 QBs around somewhere on the rosters.
Certainly AC has been very vocal about taking a raw Canadian QB and teaching him both on field but off field on how to be a pro QB.
Certainly not out of the norm to have QB brought along from 4/5 QB and move up over a 3 to 4 year period.
Both EDM #1 and #2 QBs were brought through that way. It could have a direct effect on Tanner Marsh getting the axe.
Both Crompton and Marsh jostled around other pro football leagues before coming to the CFL much like Drew Willy.
Skelton had a brief moment of playing time in the NFL but ultimately was relagated as a back up.
Cato Also come in as a true rookie from a D1 mid major Program that won.
Marsh may be the one who is kept around until Lefevour comes off 6 game and then axed.