Can Boreham do both jobs again?

Jamie Boreham's field goal kicking was stronger in the second half last year. He can go on streaks where he is very strong, and streaks where he is ineffective. Desjardins wants the same guy to do both jobs next year. I remembered thinking in 2005 that Boreham was a victim of a lot of bad snaps and poor blocking. At any rate, Luca Congi kept both jobs last year, even though his punting was mediocre. In 2004, Boreham's punting wasn't that bad. In 2005, his field goals were very strong early, and drifted a little as the year went on. I still think he can put it all together and fulfill both spots next season, but I realize there are a lot of people who seriously question if he can do even ONE job well enough.

He isnt in the upper tier of either position.

Dead last in the CFL in punting last time he did that for a full year, and downright bad when we needed field goals from him last year...

Oh i forgot, he went on a streak where he hit 11 straight from inside 25.... sign him to an extention.

He can even do one Right ..
why let Jamie screw up Two

Pat did a great Job as our Punter ..

As Wally Buono said when asked to explain why he stuck with McCallum and why McCallum went 6-6 in the Grey Cup?........he said words to the effect that, kickers need coaching all the time instead of throwing them into a corner all by themselves to figure it out......

..but what does Wally Buono know eh? :roll:

nuf said 8)

Comparing McCallum to Boreham... must be the offseason.

I agree with Crash. You can't compare Boreham to McCallum. McCallum was an established kicker, that missed one HUGE kick for the 'Riders.

Boreham is streaky even when he's on his game, and has never really established or shown any signs of being a reliable kicker.

yes, agreed....I'm bad :? .....Boreham has a long future ahead as a CFL kicker....unlike comparison


lol :lol: :wink:

And thats the problem, people compare him to Oz at the beginning of his career, well Oz hit 6 FG's in the GREY CUP to establish himself as an elite kicker... Jamie cant even prove he's worth keeping.

Here's the way to evaluate any player.... if we released him, would anybody pick him up?

competition is great in camp
it keeps players on edge and knowing they have to work for their job

invite dana segin back to camp

Desjardins isn't stupid. He will assess the kicking position on the Ticats accurately: namely, it is a weak spot that must be improved for our team to compete. I would be shocked if we didn't have a new kicker next year to replace both Boreham and Fleming. They just aren't cutting it on a consistent basis.

Fleming was not that Bad..
He had Good Hang Time and Avg.

His Blocking was bad on the Blocks..


I think Onknight meant that the O-Line was responsible for Fleming's blocked punts.

Can Boreham do both jobs again?

To simply answer the question of this thread.

No he can't. Never has never will ( at least effectively )


Yes thanks ..

Wee it would be a tough job to take away from Flem but i dont think BOPREHAM can do both

Boreham cant even do 1 job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

here we go again.....boreham gets more press than paris hilton!! it is simple....boreham is a practice and pregame kicker!! Cowboy up and get rid of em pardner!! crash hit the nail on the head.....if boreham is released, who would pick him up? if you answer this questions truthfully then you will see borehams future clearly.....back to vancouver working for his father!!

Scott Norwood.

Can he be worse?????

Mike Vanderjagt