Can Bob Young Buy The Game At This Point

Is there a way for Mr Young and the TiCats to buy the game, at this late date, from the CFL?

My guess... No.

Given everything Bob Young has done for this team and this league, they should give him the option.

Shame on them if they don't.


Either way, I went to my first TC 2 years before Bob Young bought the team There was 14,000 fans - if that.

Years later, we are about to sell out a playoff game and my guess, increase our season tickets as a result. We are also getting a new stadium.

Reason to be optomistic. I believe YES!!!

God bless Bob Young and the TiCats!!!

Good luck tomorrow.

The CFL won't give it up.


Thanks... Not sure why you added the word 'Ever'.

What did you mean by that?

Apparently teams do have the option but they opted not to. I read it in the Spec. I will try to find the link

Ivor Wynne Stadium will have a slightly different look to it for tomorrow's tilt.

The game is controlled by the CFL and workers were busy yesterday painting new logos on the field and erecting new signage for league advertisers. The Ticats had the option to purchase the game from the league, but declined. They will still get revenues from concessions and other stadium sources.

The last I heard for a semi final, the team can purchase the game from the league for $500K and costs for the incoming team for the airfare and hotel lodging.
Even without knowledge of this week, I would have rolled the dice and gambled if I was the Cats and bought the game.
At an average lets say $50 per ticket X 30,000 is a cool $1.5M.
Plus concessions and merchandise there is no reason this week the gross could have been around $2M.
So the team realistically could have made what around $750K.

Doesn’t matter to me at this point.

All I can say is this. Thanks Bob Young. Amd thanks too for Bob O’Billovich.

I am really looking forward to tommorow.