Can anyone.....

Can anyone beat my record of 14.71 posts per day that amazingly goes up with each post i make today?

........or how about I tell you the story of the old bull and the young bull standing on top of the hill looking at all the cows below in the field.......quantity only counts in certain circumstances........

LOL good job RedandWhite. Now how bout that story im getting kinda tired im always up for a bed time story :lol:

Also Yogi i have made 186 posts (or somethign liek that on this site it will now be 187) u on the other hand have only made 106..............

.........the young bull says, "Hey old man, how bout we run down the hill and have sex with one of those cows".....the old bull looks at the kid and says, "how bout we WALK down the hill and have sex with ALL them cows".......

zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz (thx im asleep now RedandWhite :lol: )

when did pinnochio realize he was made of wood...........when his hand caught fire.

lol, What? if you look around when i'm on most every topic still being used has me as the last poster

some how, now it's at 15.57!

........wew........your a jedi master now........

lamest post ever!

What did Cinderella say when she sat on his face? Lie to me.

Oops....the mods will get me for sure.

Mate, I have had 21+ post in one day! beat that !, and I lead this forum in most posts (I think, maybe HT or Eskimos32001 overtook me)!

Well I only have 310 posts not including the old forum, but like I've said can speak 100 words a minute, HOWEVER, you can listen to 400 words a minute. I don't care how many posts I make, I'll say something when I really want to or just read what others have to say. I rarely start a thread as well, but thats because I don't just for the sake of starting one. I think the last one I started had about 3158 readers and 251 posters. If I recall it was Eski-Moses favorite. :roll:

Here is one about Bomber GM Brendan Taman............Bomber president Lyle Bauer took Taman out to lunch one day to discuss business. Taman of course is looking to impress Bauer, so during lunch Tamans cell phone starts ringing but instead of pulling out a phone he starts talking into his thumb. Bauer gives Taman a strange look and then Taman proud as punch tells Bauer that he has had a cell phone implanted in his thumb, this way he will never miss a call from other GMs about trades, or players agents etc. Bauer is impressed with Tamans dedication. A little while later Tamans thumb rings again and he answers it and immediately jumps up from the table and runs to the washroom. After about 10 minutes Bauer is concerned as Taman has not come out of the washroom. So Bauer gets up and goes to check on Taman, he enters the washroom, looks around but dosnt see Taman. Bauer starts checking the stalls and there he finds Taman with his pants around his ankles and a roll of toilet paper shoved up his butt. Bauer asks, Brendan why do have that roll of toilet paper shoved up your butt and Taman replies, Im waiting for a fax from Lancaster.

kanga-kucha beats it...too bad i dont know what hes talkin about half the time!

:lol: Thats a great one PIGSEYE..............made me chuckle quite a bit. Im not tired yet though its only 11:45 in the morning where i am.