Can anyone say Jason to Jason?

who else here was exctatic to see Maas back in the game? it was a piss pooor performance overall by the esks, but man jasons first drive... 37 yard touchdown pass. i just think that Ricky needs a couple screws tightend
what do you all think?

.......check it out.....months ago I said Maas should get reps, was being neglected, deserved more respect than the EE org was providing to him.......shite, the EEs should be shamed he hasn't touched the ball in a game til tonight, he is awesome and I hope he ends up in Hamilton or winnipeg or freakin Texas after this year 'cause he is dope and deserves the starter position.....Ray should be cleaning his cleats.......

Come on guys, Ricky had a great game today. He got to watch a better team kick his teams asses. Go Stamps Go! Ricky Ray loser all the way. I hope the stamps send him a paycheque.

Maccioca is a dumb ****! I've been wanting to see Mass all year when Ray struggled but Macccioca was an idiot. Look what we've been missing out on all year when Ray was struggling. Ray obviously is being shut down by the Calgary defence 2 anda half games in a row, then Mass goes in for 3 plays and gets a TD. If we start Ray we'll lose! Start Mass and we have a chance. Once maccioca starts ray, as we all know he will, and loses the game for us, he'll be fired and we'll have yet another new head coach next season.

maas should have been starting long ago, our coach is as dumb as one can be......they better win the next 3 games .

I HAVE MAAS JERSEY and i hate maciocia, and i hate Ray go Jason