Can Anyone Recommend A Good Political Forum?

Can Anyone Recommend A Good Political Forum?

good and political in the same sentence?

Kevin, shirley you jest


I would like to find somewhere to discuss the world of politics where you don’t have to sign up via Facebook (I don’t have a FB account) or one of the other social media platforms.


Well to recommend a forum I’m not so sure, for most of the comment section drifts into the usual drivel and far less than civil or far less than intelligent banter.

I can share that and offer an excellent assortment of content and views across perspectives. If you want a non-Western view though laden at times with Russian propaganda, there is also I also like Reuters in the UK version not the US.

Some of the articles have comment sections, and your experience will greatly vary.

In the US, The Hill sometimes has good content and occasionally a good comment section.

For the most part, most everything is dumpster fires and echo chambers like on Facebook or on many a publication targeted to certain ideological or partisan audiences.

I read to be informed more of the different views to form my own than to engage in discussion, which 90% of the time is garbage banter.

I don’t see the internet as a great medium for most people for exchange of political ideas.

Having a beer with someone during the day or talking on the phone seems better.

One’s own experience will vary.

Thanks! Are those forums exclusively for U.S. politics?

Not that it’s a forum, but I’ve always enjoyed the coverage by MacLean’s. Their main political writer, Paul Wells, is very impartial. I’ve seen him give credit to all parties and also crap on each of them.

Kevin, the World site is non-US politics, and and the Reuters site via the UK are international.

Real Clear World sometimes will link articles to The National Postand other Canadian publications too.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t mind being able to talk about it here. I know, I know it becomes too “divisive”, the mods also have to moderate frequently in Political threads, and the “sensitive bunch” lose their minds, but at some point… Never mind, that’s why it won’t happen here lol.

That’s just it. The powers that be are too worried someone might get offended.

What’s not understood is the fact that ideas are wrangled out and that mature people can still get along after the discussion is over. I personally learned a lot from the political and religious talks we USED to have here.

Political discussion can be good at times, but I think nowadays both sides of the Political spectrum have gone to the extreme left or right. There seems to be very little middle ground, and for some odd reason if you disagree with something one side says, you’re automatically an agent for the other side. In the day and age of social media EVERYTHING seems to be black or white with no gray area, but as some know it’s rarely that simple, hence the need for gray at times. Sad really when you think about it.

Politics and “good”? Nope, nothing to offer other than Twitter where you can go for broke basically.

I like that politics is banned here on to tell you the truth.

be interesting if someone signed up with the handle POLITICS101. :slight_smile:

I agree. The discussion here had devolved into mere partisan or ideological cheering, attempts at a comedy bit much like most of social media, and echo chambers. That thread was killed at least a year too late.

Deep down, I think that’s what all of us want. Isn’t it?

But wouldn’t recommending a good political forum to . . . ahem, certain posters . . . be the fastest way to ruin that good political forum? :wink:

as long a everyone always agrees with everything I say, no problem :slight_smile:

Hit up Eva bartlett, Vanessa beely, abby martin, or aaron maté for independent journalism.
Fantastic for actually being on the ground in “problem áreas” .
Eva Bartlett is a national treasure