Can anyone on this team catch?

I have never seen a group of players drop so many passes.I don’t know if any one of these players could make any of the top five teams in the league.It seems we have a team that can’t catch,block or tackle but we can kick.

IMO, Bauman would get a look-see with most teams in the league, mostly because he's a non-import. The rest would not be signed by any other team this season.

An Argo-Cat fan

Plenty of practice there.

I'm even starting to question Rodriguez. He's had about 7 drops in the last 2 games alone.

I can see why he like Scott Mitchell aren't on an NFL roster or practice roster.

The few drops that we have aren't the reasons we lose but they become frustrating, when are we going to get receivers like DiPietro, Stapler, Winfield and Champion?

It can take a while for a player to learn the cfl game etc etc etc. we have all heard that. Our recievers drop passes every game. Jojo has been here a while and was almost run out of town last year. he looks like a different player this year and has impressed me very much. So they cut him..........they wasted how much time on him so far getting him to where he finally is catching on and looking like he could really contribute but they cant find a spot for him? puhlease.......sometin fishy here. cut- pr, cut-pr, cut-pr...............its like a broken record.

Your receiving corps is not CFL quality. Miles has been a disappointment. But more importantly, your offensive schemes are not set up to allow the receivers to help out the QB if he's in trouble. All these deep or intermediate routes take way too much time to develop, time that your QB doesn't have because the O-line is awful. If Bellefeuille had been competent enough to mix in a quick-passing game to go with those intermediate and deep routes, you guys might actually be able to move the ball and stop giving up 10 sacks per game.

Also, HOT ROUTES. Every other offense in the league has some sort of hot-route system wherein the QB has an escape throw that he can audible pre-snap in case he looks at the D and doesn't like what he sees. The Cats don't appear to have any such hot route. The standard formula is: if you think your QB is in trouble, go deep if your original route was short, or go short if your original route was deep. Find any soft spot in coverage and let your QB find you. THIS NEVER HAPPENS WITH THE TIGER-CATS. And it never happens no matter who's taking snaps behind center, so it's not a QB-specific problem. Printers, Williams, and Porter have all had to suffer through this. The problem is masked, however, because both Printers and Williams are good scramblers who can bail a poor offense out by picking up first downs with their feet. Now, scrambling is fine in its right place. But when you're relying on scrambling every time the pocket breaks down, your offense has serious problems.

Beacuse there is no one in the HO who can evaluate player talent - and becuase we are very very cheap and do not pay players according to their skill set. If anything we over pay our NON PERFORMERS like
Printers and The Lummer .................... I think Obie should have his pay scale lowered and he should be placed on a performance incentive contract!!!!!

I think I recall the Cats saying in the off-season that the priority was to get taller at WR. And they've done that - they brought in guys that are 6ft 3 and 4. Now if they'd only added "and can catch" to the memo they sent the scouting staff. :wink:

I thought that I heard a couple of years ago from Hamilton that Receivers are a dime a dozen?

"Can anyone on this team catch?"

Yes and his name is JoJo Walker... but apparently he isn't good enough to crack our roster/receivers corps :roll: