Can anyone else not view the MTL/EDM game on broadband?

I’ve got the player open, got flash and silverlight all installed latest versions but I am only getting a black screen :frowning: The live play is absolutely horrendous on and my TV provider doesn’t offer TSN2. Is it working for you guys? I’m decently adept at computers so I cannot think of what the problem may be.

only friday night games are on broadband

No, because of the TSN2 incident, todays game was listed as being aqvailable on broadband

didn’t kjnow that

I was tempted to watch it until I realized I had to install that silverlight program. I didn't feel like messing with a Microsoft program, so I didn't bother. :lol:

I didnt feel like installing it either

I didnt feel like installing it either

I installed everything and it did not work.I do have TSN2 but wife won out on the only tv with digatal box.saw last 3 min

All I get is a black box. I gave up

Just get RDS, then no problem

i don't have installed and watch the games.
there is an option to watch without silverlight

hmm little late now, I guess the game being so one sided i not too mad about missing it.