can anyone clear this up?

It has nothing to do with being a bomber fan. He showed no class last year when he pushed the camera man and was not much better this year....

Did anyone see him push anyone or wave the camera men away when he broke the TD record? Of course not.....he loved the attention then.

Its to bad that he lost but IMO he ows the media the same attitude when he wins or loses

Well, he can talk to the fans that have supported him in Winnipeg this week if he wants to. He doesn't owe the Toronto fans/media anything.

I'm no Bomber fan, but I can fully understand not wanting to talk to anyone after something bad happens, but want to shout of a mountain top when something good happens. It's simple human nature, and he has the right to wave off a camera if he so desires. Just like last year, IMO, the camera man deserved what he got.

Sure, no problem if he had gone out with a win.

Sure you can, people still have the right to privacy, even athletes and pols.

If Ryan Dinwiddie can face the media after they all want to fit him with goat horns, then the supposed team leader should be there to take some of it too. No comment just doesn't cut it.

Always wondered where the turtle nickname came from, I guess now we know.

People seem to forget this.

Just because he plays football doesn't mean he has to sit there and answer an endless number of idiotic questions from the media. He has the same right to be left alone that all of us have.

Keep that in mind, folks. We're watching football, not "Milt Stegall Live."

(The worst case of innane media had to be a few years ago, when BC lost the Grey Cup. I believe it was Clermont who won the outstanding Canadian award. A CBC guy asked him how great it felt to win the award, and he replied with something like "it sucks, I wanted to win the game."

I still can't believe the guy actually asked a question like that to someone who just lost the Grey Cup.)

Does a player have a 'right' to remain silent? Of course he does.

Does a player have a 'responsibility' to speak to the fans? I believe he does.

For what its worth. I don't have any problem with what he did. At the end of the game he politely waved the camera man to the side. Why shouldn't he? I don't get it? Surely there's better things to put the camera on anyway.

In the parking lot? Milt will you retire now? I don't know yet. Interview done. Whats the sense?

Leave the man alone if he don't wanna talk. I have no doubt that when he's ready he will say what he needs to.

Sure he likes the attention when things are good who doesn't.

It may be the end of his career, but he's not even sure about that himself. What is it 13 years, all kinds of records for him but no ring? How would you feel? Or would you just say I don't know yet to the same question you've answered all week.

He has been meeting his "responsibility" and has been talking to fans. He's posing for pictures, he's signing autographs etc. As for the media, I don't have a problem with it. Saying he uses the media to his advantage when good things happen isn't his fault, they're always there! i think it just demonstrates he knows how to use them appropriately...shine the spotlight when you need it, or use it to deflect. Right now, I think he realizes the media really just wanted a raw reaction and my opinion is that he wants some of the raw emotion to settle before he gives an interview. That's his perogative in my view.

Wow reading these posts tells me one thing. The rider fans have no class that have posted here. First off celebrate the GC your team deserved it but now you want to nit pick about Stegal for wanting privacy. Pathetic. To all the good Rider fans enjoy the fact you won it took along time. For those who look for crap like this su-ck it up.

RW05 it isn't just RIders fans questioning the logic. There are others to.

I have no problem with players saying they don't want to be interviewed, but be consistant about it. Don't go out and seek the interview when you want it and then turn around and say I don't want the attention.

Funny how you always have to make it about the rider fans.....There are others who disagree with his attitude I am one of them as well....but you ignore that.......
I guess there is nothing else for you to start an argument over......

Sorry but on the field he does not have that right....Once he steps off of it then no problem...
As fans we pay(in one form or another) to watch football and he is part of the game.
What he did last year was wrong and it was wrong again this year......
Like I said he would have been craving the camera had they won the game......he should put up with it when they lost. WHILE ON THE FIELD

At that particular time, I think anyone can understand that it was a matter of "timing" and we all obviously could predict what he would've said. He needed his space, plain and simple. He is a human being, as well as a football player.

Any question as to what he does for his fans or the community can be answered here:

[url=] ... &Itemid=30[/url]

I just heard the other day that, more than being remembered as a great football player, he wants his legacy to be based on what he did in the community. That says it all right there.

In other words, I think he has returned the favor, tenfold.

And I'd argue that fans pay to watch him PLAY football, not talk about it. That's why we have commentators.

he can have all the space he wants.....when he leaves the field.

I don't agree. I think it's his choice after the clock runs out and especially during a moment of obvious devastation. Maybe the fans expect more than we should? The man plays his heart out and gives endlessly to the community. I don't think we have much of a gripe with him because he didn't want to cry on TV.

I think that's the point. Time had not expired - technically he was "on the clock" a result, in my opinion, he was acting immaturely.

That said, I completely understand why he reacted as he did. Media is garbage, and always will be to me, because they love the "glam" shots of people who are suffering in any way.

You have a point Mike.

So I thought this was a free world. If the guy has nothing to add to an interview he has the right to refuse.

I hardly think he was suffering in any way....Yes when it comes to real tragedy I agree 1000%

As you pointed out...time had not expired and he acted immaturely

Oh come on...not suffering? He just lost what could have been his final game, which he had built his career may not be world hunger, but to him, in that moment, it was huge...but to me his reaction was still inappropriate. He's a glory hound when he's successful, and behaves like a three year old when he isn't.