can anyone clear this up?

I seemed too have missed the whole milt stegall thing after the game .....what went on?

Anyone supply some answers?

The camera was on him once the game winner had been determined...he kept waving it away...that's it, that's all...

Milts a great player a future Hall of Famer... but his Ego finally caught up with him... he did this in another game a few years back where he actually shoved the camera away... Well Milt if you cant walk the talk then at least face the music you cant have it both ways craving the spotlight then rejecting it because it does not suit your Ego

I don't know Dentor I disagree. No doubt he has an Ego, just as most elite athletes do. But I can completely understand him waving the camera away and not wanting to talk after the game.

Sure, you could probably give him extra points if he stuck around, but they are only gonna ask the same dumb questions that are so obvious even without an interview I think everyone pretty much knows how the Q & A will go.

I also think that his ego is largely an act. I can't see someone who has a massive ego and all about himself being as popular as Milt is both with his teammates and his fans.

There is no doubt Milt is great player, that can't be taken away from him. However, Milt is Milt, he knows how to use the media to his advantage. Sometimes he does that to help the team, (i.e. take pressure of Glenn) other times he does it to help himself and to get himself asked the same question. when are you going to go....his response 99% sure this will be my last if we can get a cup.

All they wanted to know was if it was still 99

I am just saying if you crave the Spotlight like Milt you just cant turn it off to suit your needs, It would have been a classy move of him just stating something like:
"Hey it was a tough loss, I don't know what the Future holds for me at this moment, The Riders played a great game hats off to them ... I have no further comments"

I don't think so. He was filled with emotion at that point and needed his space for a minute...I think that's easy to understand. He's at a crossroads in his career and that game meant everything to him....I understand him reacting as he did. It wasn't a big deal, he simply put his hand up. And he had every right to do that at that point.

I am talking about after the game in the parking lot..sure I can see what he did when the camera panned him on the sidelines... put your emotions in check and suck it up he had ample time to decide what he should say...Like I said don't get me wrong I think Milts a great player and readily accepts turning on the Spotlight...Him making a simple brief statement would have effectively turned OFF that same spotlight

Sorry, thought you meant on the sidelines. Didn't know something else happened. What did happen?

Sorry I didnt clarify... Milt was approached outside the Stadium he basically did the same.. waved his arm to motion them away..No biggy really I dont want to harp on this but its just my opinion, take it for what its worth.

Yeah, I like Milt a lot. But I think it would have shown a lot of respect had he said something about the game...

Then again, he did call Saskatchewan the armpit of Canada or something...

what ego are you talking about sorry?????????

milts a team guy, when he was younger he may have had one but now not even close, he doesnt care if he doesnt eve catch any passes, as long as the team wins hes good... please enlighten me!!!

Anyone is going to be upset after a loss like that, especially if you know it's going to be your last game.

There's nothing wrong with what he did. He's finished, why should he talk to the media at all?

It's not the media, it's the fans. The fans have made it possible for him to earn a very good living and he owes it to them to talk to them. The way celebs communicate with the fans is through the media. Sorry, Milt Stegall is one of the greatest receivers of all time but all the greats should have time for the fans. The greats in any sport stay behind for hours signing autographs and yes answering that hard questions after a crushing defeat. The fans and yes the media have been kind to Milt Stegall over the years and he should return the favour.

Sure he was emotional but he would prob have been more emotional had the Bombers won the game and you can all bet he would have had no problem talking to the media then......

When you are in the public eye, you cant just say you can face a camera and when you wont.

He should have just sucked it up.

He just lost what was probably the last game of his career, and didn't want a camera shoved in his face?

Can't say I blame him, I wouldn't want a camera in my face either.

Exactly, if anyone else were in his situation, im sure you would do the same.

Kind of suprized there is a thread about this.

It is understandable. I'm sure the reporters would have asked the same stupid questions he has heard a million times, trying to use his emotions to draw an outburst they could blow up in the media the next day. I don't need to see Milt's immediate post game interview. Everyone knows he is upset so just give him his space.

Okay how many of you have played in any professional sport or been in the media your comments are garabage. Brittney Spears i rarly ever see here confront the media in her tough times something sort of what milt is going through i don't see Kayne West suck it up that his mom died and come out and state how he feels about his loss like c'mon give your head a shake.

And What was there to talk about guaranteed 1st question would be "Was this your Last game?" and he would have probably of lost it because time and time again he states he doesn't know he has to talk with his family, its absolutly ludacris to ask the same question and be told the same answer every 'Star' get fed up and does something stupid that is all the media is trying to do to a great athlete make him do something stupid and make him look like a complete fool and be hated by all...

It is people like you guys that want so much everyone in winnipeg where HIS TRUE FANS ARE!!!!!!! UNDERSTANDS HIS ACTIONS SEEING AS YOU ARE A NON-BOMBER FAN YOU MAKE THOSE COMMENTS.

I'd talk. Then again, I have been through far worse things.