Can Anyone Catch the Ball?

Why can't our receivers catch the ball? It can't be because the QBs aren't putting them on their numbers. Our receiving corps, plus our O-Line, could make Tom Brady look bad ...
Anyone have a solution? I hate to be negative, but aren't our receivers being paid to ... receive. Isn't that what they practice all week?
Maybe some glue would help?

I would be happy if they brought some in that knew how to go at least 10 yards before they stop. Every time Saturday when we really needed 10 yards they were 5-7 yards out and tackled then we kick!!!!

For what it is worth, on most of those pass plays I noticed

they weren't vertical pass patterns in which
receivers run straight ahead for 10 plus yards
right up to or past the first down marker,

they were slant outs and crossing patterns
in which the receiver runs 12-15 yards
before he reaches the first down marker

It is not the receiver's fault that
because of Defensive pressure.

Maybe vertical pass patterns are better
to use on these critical 2nd down plays
when our O-line isn't giving the QB protection.

Are you kidding me Ron?? They simply arent good enough !!!! . Did you see anyone come back to the ball when he was under pressure ?? I sure didnt !!!

Did you see any of them read a blitz and cut the pattern short ?? If they blitz 8 or 9 there HAS to be someone open right ?? Why can they not do this ?? I think it`s a lack of talent . Like i have said before , not one of them could start on any other team in the CFL . How are we supposed to win a game when this is the case ??

When you have players injured your supposed to bring guys in right ?? Why worry about a 4th QB when we need recievers who can at least play a little ???

We need possession receivers like Flutie and Morreale. They had a knack for getting open and settling in a hole for a quick catch.

Flutie and Morreale could both read a blitz and adjudt accordinlgy for DMac.

I think Ralph is not a slot back. He's not comfortable in traffic and should be moved to the outside. Maybe he and Bauman should switch spots.

If they blitz 8 or 9 there HAS to be someone open right ??
Hate to break it to you, but no team blitzes 8 or 9. Most of the time we're in a 5 receiver set, so if they blitzed 8 there would be 4 defensive backs to cover our 5 receivers. And if they bring 9 on a blitz, there'd only be 3 covering 5! That simply does not happen.

Go out and sign Tony Simmonds. Printers and Simmonds had some chemistry when they both started in BC 3 years ago.

It all boils down to talent, the O Line, the QB and the the so called receivers coach - at this point in
Printers does not have the complete pay book down the O Line is absolutley horid - the receivers coach is probably the person who needs to step up and start coaching these guys.

With another tree practises under his belt - Printers should feel a bit more at ease. However, if the O Line does their best impression of a swinging door like last Saturday, it could be another long - long night. As I have said repeatidly, it all starts with expectations, leadership and most importantly, COACHING!!!!!!!!!!!