Can anybody tell me about DJ?

Very recently I was having an email discussion with DJ Flick. He made reference to his trade.

On the chance (as I suspect) that there was some negative aspects about this trade, and keeping in mind that he may not be able to tell me everything that I want to know (which is indeed the case), could someone tell me any of the scuttlebutt concerning this trade?

Were there any negatives about this that anyone is aware of?

Keep in mind that I'm a novice in my understanding of football issues such as trading players (versus, let's say, rules of the game), so if you feel the need to give background information or speak in simple sentences, please do.

Speculations are welcome.

Thanks in advance.

dj was going to be cut anyways due to the salary cap so marcel figured why not get somthing in return whiles hes still on contract.. thats as much as i can remeber from the trade