Can any fans host another fan?

I love summer road trips in Canada. I plan them around CFL games in different cities but gas and accommodation prices have gone through the roof. I would stay at an Air bnb close to the stadium, something affordable. Not any more. I'm in BC and would like to take in games in TO., Ham., Mont., Ott. Anyone else feel the same way? Any way we could help each other?

Have a spare bedroom and would love to host you in Hamilton.

PM me.

Would love to have fellow CFL fans join wife and kids..mid 40s.

Out going folks we are.


I think that is a great idea. Can’t help you this year though as I am in Winnipeg.

I don't even know if I can do a road trip this year. Never been to games east of the Peg but sure would like to some day.

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Interesting topic and good idea. I’m not a very computer- literate type of person but I would imagine there must be some way to set up a community on Airbnb or Vrbo for people with like- minded interests in different cities. Otherwise it would be cool if someone could set up a website for CFL fans to swap out weekend stays in different cities, payment or not that can be agreed to by both parties.

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Just thinking about Regina for the Grey Cup. I'm going to buy a ticket but I've no idea where I might stay yet.