Well that was a beat down! When people wonder why Canadian kids are behind when they attend pro camps, this may shed some light on the issue's ! They run a pro like camp and practice and prepare all year around ! They live it and breath it,just like we do hockey ! Until we take the same approach, we will always struggle to keep up ! Losing 49 0 and 33 0 to a split squad team is humbling ! They played two good Winnipeg High School teams as well !

Shouldn’t the Bombers have been busy preparing for the Riders rather than participating in this? :lol: :lol:

They couldn't find teams in the states willing to play them, they are that good, it's no surprise they destroyed our boys.

That was not bad taleback !

that eden praire team is one of the best in the entire usa.

anyone who thought the wpg teams had a chance was fooling themselves. eden praire is a football factory.

Think their QB has signed a letter of intent with W. Virgina !

thought i heard eden praire is a town of about 10000 ppl and they have 6 or so different junior football teams.

thats alot of kids in a small town playing football.

west virginia? yup... ncaaa. the wpg teams didnt have a chance... would have been nice thoo if they scored a point but.. good learning experience for these 2 hs teams here.