Can/AM Bowl

As I sit here watching another bowl game on TV I am reminded of the Can/ Am bowl played in the late 70's (only 2 years) in Tampa Bay. As I remember the game was to feature the top seniors from the CIS and the best players from USA Division 1-AA and Division II ball. The rules were changed quickly as Team Canada decided to recruit the top plays from Canadian schools reguardless of their class standing so the US team recruited from Division 1 schools not involved in bowl games (such as Georgia etc). The Canadian schools lost by 30 points or so per game but that really didn't matter, what mattered was the chance to gauge Canadian talent to their American counter parts. I wish they would bring the game back. It would be interesting watching how CIS talent would compare to the NCAA talent today. Anyone remember these games?

I was thinking the same thing this year. It would be interesting to see a game in the skydome or the vancouver dome between Canada and the US. A sponser would be needed and TSN would probably show it on tv.
The team should be picked by CFL scouts and Canadain players from US colleges included not like last time where players from the CIS were picked that had no chance of playing pro while players that went on to play in the CFL were left off. That's not to say everyone picked would eventually play pro, but they should be the players projected to be drafted.
I don't recall the scores being 30 points difference, the first game was fairly close but the second game was something like 36-16, but the US didn't try to run up the score in the 4th quarter even though it appeared they could have.
With all the Canadian players in the NCAA now Canada could put a good team on the field if they were allowed to play. Last time it was only players from the CIS.
I would go and watch it for sure if it was in Toronto. I could see the TV audience being fairly high as well. Maybe a combination of rules would be more interesting then playing one half each under the different rules. Something like 100 X 60 field with 20 yard end zones, 4 downs, single point allowed on kicks, no yards rule and twelve men. Limited motion because of the 4 downs and no yard off the line of scrimmage. It would make for more interest and be the same for both teams to prepare for IMO.
Hope it happens.

Sounds cool, but don't they already do something like that during the super bowl week with the world juroir champiship with a few teams from Canada, USA, and other counties? its been done 5 times now, and Canada has won the frist and the last one in FLA, the USA team has won the rest.

These teams at super bowl week are high school kids. The Can/Am Bowl would be graduating college seniors and would probably get paid a couple thousand each to participate.

oh!, well in that case, LET'S BRING BACK THE CAN/AM BOWL!

The scores of the two games were 22-7 and 34-14, both for the Americans.

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Thanks for the scores, FC. the game was played under Canadian Football Rules and about 10,000 attend each game. it was at one of the games that a future CFL Hall of Famer by the name of Ben Zambiasi was discovered.

I think if its done again, there has to be games in every country and every rules (maybe a conbination?).

this would go over well than the NFL-CFL ex games.

I wouldn't see the need for the game to incorporate rules from both countries, I think you only need to play by Canadian rules. I think the game would benifit the CFL more then the NFL. You would structure the American team around players who would fit playing the CFL game. They would be for the most part guys not expecting to go in the first 3 or 4 rounds of the NFL draft. They would then get an early opportunity to play the Canadian game prior to CFL training camp. CFL scouts could then evaluate players that they have on their 40 man negotiation list and see how they adapt to the CFL game.It may not get much attention at first but if you could get some one to sponsor the event and commit to 5 years or more you would find the game would grow over time. It may one day break even.

if that is the case WIYD, then maybe the game should be played only in Canada (Vancouver or Toronto, and Winnipeg if we get that new domed stadium) and be sponsored by the CIS and a company like Rogers or Rona.

There is no problems with that, but if the Americans don't get any aweser to the question "What's in it for me?", they will not do it. (and that would be true for any other country, like Australia, etc.)

The should resurrect the Can/Am Bowl again. It was cool watching this and helped promote football I think and it showed to many Canadians who like to trash our university players that we aren’t too bad at this game at all.
Hopefully it will be resurrected again soon, would love to see this.

I think if I recall correctly one half was played under Canadian rules and the other half under American rules.
I remember RB Larry Key (who later played with the BC lions) being a star in one of the games, and big RB Jim Reid (Ottawa RR's) playing well for Canada. But I would hope a Canadian team would include Canadians playing in the NCAA to be more competative...not like the second game last time where a Canadian OT John Malinosky attending Michigan State played for the Americans.

Wow, good memory on the players. I forgot that Larry Key played in that game. I still believe he is the best running back that BC has had in the last 30 years...but I believe that they played the entire game under the Canadian rules as a way to level out the playing field.It would be nice if they allowed Canadians playing NCAA to play for the Canadian team but I don't think it would make that much of a difference. I have watched a lot of college games over the years and my last couple of trips to the GC I have had the opportunity to watch CIS games on TV, I was really surprised by the level of play in the CIS and believe they have come a long way in the past 20 years. They would definitely put on a better show then they did in '79.

They did play half of the games under American rules...the game were in Florida after all. But if the games were in Canada our rules would be more acceptable, but at the same time I wouldn't mind seeing a combination. I think it would be a big story and create more interest IMO.

Well if he was gonna be counted as an import in the CFL, it makes more sense for him to play on the NCAA side.

He wouldn't be caounted as an import in the CFL. If he is Canadain, then he is a non-import regardless where he played his college ball.

Not according to the rule book.

A player who has received training in football outside of Canada by having participated as a player in a football game outside of Canada prior to attaining the age of seventeen years.
A player who has received training in football outside of Canada by having participated as a player in a football game outside of Canada after attaining the age of seventeen years, but who received no football training in Canada prior to attaining the age of seventeen years.
A player who has never received football training outside of Canada, or who was physically resident in Canada for an aggregate period of five years prior to attaining the age of fifteen years.
An import player who may enter the game only in special team situations or to replace another import.

A player under the age of 23 who is domiciled within a Club's territorial limits, who is permitted to practice with that Club.
A player who has not been named on any CFL Club's active roster, reserve, injured or disabled list, at the time a game was played in a previous season.
The number of players a Club may have on its roster, the number that may dress for a game, and how many may be imports.
The current Game Roster shall consist of 39 players, including 3 players who shall be identified as quarterbacks, and 36 other players, of whom not more than 17 may be imports.
The date determined by the League when a Club is required to establish its roster within the prescribed limits.
Before a Club may terminate a player's contract it must give other Clubs the opportunity to claim the player's services.
A Club has the right to recall a player from waivers twice in a calendar year.
Each player contract contains a clause which gives the Club the option to renew the contract for another season.
The annual draft of Canadian players graduating from universities in Canada and the United States.
Players not under contract who are permitted to practice with a Club are declared on the Non-Active List.
A player who elects to retire may, upon notice to the Commissioner, be placed on the Retired Players List.
A player who violates the contract with the Club may, upon application by the Club to the Commissioner, be placed on the League Suspension List.
A player who is judged unfit to play for reasons other than a football related injury may, at the request of the Club, be placed on the Disabled List.
A player permitted to sign with a NFL club while under contract to the CFL.
A Club may claim exclusive negotiation rights to a specified number of players on its Negotiation List, and may make changes daily.
A player who has been injured may, at the request of the Club, be placed on the Injured Players List for a minimum period of 30 days or for a maximum of nine games, or for one game after clearing waivers while identified as "injured".

A player who has never received football training outside of Canada, or who was physically resident in Canada for an aggregate period of five years prior to attaining the age of fifteen years. :"

I am assuming he has this, as most Canadians would have. Learn to read the rules you are trying to spew out.

:oops: , but since he got training outside of Canada, wouldn't that make him ineligible for Non Import status?

A player who has never received football training outside of Canada, or who was physically resident in Canada for an aggregate period of five years prior to attaining the age of fifteen years. :"

Pay attention to the "OR".....