Can Als start playing some football.

Let me start off by saying the Als put in a piss poor effort tonight. There defense couldn't tackle my sister never mind a professional athlete. They are taking there time walking to the line of scrimage, losing by two touchdowns with under two minutes to go. I play semipro football in the states and coach pop warner football, my kids even know to hurry up when they are down with no time left. The Als need to have a gut check, and see if they want to play football.
These guys got to start tackling out there.
I feal bad for Don, watching the game tonight he looked like he was ready to puke.

This isn't the team i watched versus Edmonton!

Actually, the Als this year look like Edmonton did last year - talented players just going through the motions and playing uninspiring football.

I thought they looked familiar :lol:

There is something going on behind the scenes with this team. If you watch them play, there is no emotion, no drive, they make bad plays and it looks like they don't care. I won't say they're playing to lose, but they're certainly not playing to win. They made John Avery look better than he is tonight with some very poor tackling. I don't think I've ever seen so many attempted arm tackles in a professional football game. The effort and the desire isn't there.

We may not be able to fully blame Matthews for the loss, but I wonder if the players are rebelling against him for something, like the Curry benching. Either way, it's up to the head coach to have his players ready to go from the opening kickoff, and tonight they weren't. If Ottawa wasn't enough of a wakeup call, then Winnipeg certainly should have been. They should have realized by now that you can't mail them in this year, you're going to have to earn them. Tonight's team looked like a team that wasn't willing to pay the price.

I won't say I'm worried, because the season is still young, and personally I wanted to see the Als drop a few early in the season so that they had to play at a high level later in the season to get their home playoff game. But the way the Als lost tonight, looking like they don't care, is very frustrating to watch as a fan. It's time for them to step up, and if Matthews can't make it happen, then some of the veterans are going to have to start kicking some butt.

The Als seemed to be trying to me. Maybe you people in Montreal got so used to seeing good teams that you can't understand that losing the games does not neccessarily equal a lack of effort. You just may not have the talent this year. Don't get me wrong you have a lot of big players but as a combined group they just might not have it. As you said though the season is young and I would not be shocked if the Als really turned themselves around.

From a personal standpoint though I would love to see them miss the playoffs...

It's not the losing that I equate with lack of effort. It's all the attempted arm tackles. It's the lack of emotion on many of the players faces (not all, Calvillo really looked fired up) when they made mistakes. It was the little things within the game that says they don't care. I can handle losing, don't like it, but I can handle it. Last week, we lost, but we battled to the very end. the loss sucked, but they gave 100% to the end. As a fan, I can accept that. If a team gives full effort and comes up short, then so be it. But there isn't anyone that can convince me the Als gave anywhere near full effort tonight.

As I wrote before........Montreal lost some key players......are getting old..........and their best days are behind them.That all started when they got beat last year in the EAST FINAL, by TORONTO.Toronto, still have a GREY CUP winning , team.

Could it be they've had enough of the "Don".

To me, they looked like a team that had already resided themselves to the fact that they were going to lose the game, that could equate to a lack of effort but it seems more mental than anything. Perhaps they need to start fighting eachother on the side line, it appears to have worked for the argos, christ even avery showed up to play tonight.

I dont think Avery appreciated being taken off the roster.

The Alouettes regression is ocurring, they havent been under .500 in almost 5 years. Yet everyone is acting like this is still the dominant Montreal team of a couple years ago. They have lost some crucial players and its showing.

I think alot of people we'll begin to question whether Montreal is
still a top team. I know i am.

Montreal ........played HAMILTON, [0 and 4].....and lost to OTTAWA, and WINNIPEG ............except for Edmonton, they had a real easy sched.

The ARGOS played .........B.C. , 2 times.........and.... Montreal 1 time.

The ARGOS used 2 second string recievers tonight, and they were missing BONNER, on defence.

Avery was awesome , as well with a throw for a first down , 1 TD catch............and some rushing. :smiley:

An entertaining offensive game tonight. A couple of observations:

  • Both teams moved the ball effectively. ?The difference- Damon got the ball into the end zone at the end of drives and Cavillho did not.
    whatever Damon is drinking they should bottle it and sell it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Montreal does not appear to be "inspired" on the field - whatever inspired means. They also are definetly missing their receivers from last year. Vaughn was a bust last night, certainly not a replacement for the two the Als lost.

  • Hats off to the ageless one Damon Allen. He scrambled and made plays under pressure tonight as though he was 22 not 42 years old. Whether you like the Argos or night- I WOULD LIKE TO PUBLICLY APPLAUD AN OLD WARRIOR - DAMON ALLEN - WELL DONE YOU OLD FART! MAKES US OLD GUYS FEEL ALOT BETTER TOO!!!

  • However, the reverse could happen from last year. Remember, Argos lost all regular season games to Montreal then upset them in playoffs. Which team do you think will have more motivation going into the next game between them = Montreal. The playoffs are all that matters folks, Don't count out the Don and the Als come playoff time. Their challenge is to make them- that's all!!!

Riders rule.

MONTREAL, still have to make the play offs , HAMILTON and OTTAWA will not just role over...........and it is a long season,after all.

BUT if , OTTAWA...... beats ....SASK..........and if the ARGOS beat WINNIPEG.............Montreal ..............will be 3rd! :smiley:

im hoping toronto will win the East, but i dont expect montreal to give it to them, Calvillo has been looking good, the receivers have been looking good, Lapointe looks better...its the front seven that is disappointing, opposing teams are either picking up the blitz, leaving the secondary with it's pants down, or opposing QBs are reading the blitz and getting the ball off good. the Als blitz alot, but i expect them to slow down. Almondo Curry will add a presence in the secondary when he returns, but i stay by word that montreal has a sub-par, if montreal's defense is to improve, it has to start in the trenches

Being a Toronto fan, I'm glad to see Montreal start to slide a little bit. It's making the East a dogfight, which is a lot mroe entertaining. Watching today's game really surprised me, Montreal just doesn't look as sharp as they usually do, as they wasted red zone opportunites and took stupid penalties. The Argos get under their skin. I have to say Calvillo is the only thing carrying them right now. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for an Eastern Final at the Rogers Centre this year.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for an Eastern Final at the Rogers Centre this year.
Well, considering the Argos are now halfway to winning any tiebreaker over the Als ... it could very well be!

Their next game against Montreal is in two week's time, in Toronto. If Montreal doesn't fix their (clear) problems by then ... Toronto will have taken 2 of the 3 games vs Montreal. Not only does that give them 4 extra points, but if Montreal and Toronto tie on points, Toronto will take it.

Awwsome? You call 31 yards rushing awesome?????

And he threw a pass!!!!! Welll better skip work today and start building the shrine.

Hey, Avery quadrupled his rushing stats for the year in a single game!

I agree that Rod and Leif were gushing a little too much over Avery, although he did have a strong game, particularly compared to his previous ones. Even so, he's hardly "player of the game" material just yet.