Can a winning team & increased attendance heal wounds?

I think it's possible.

Please, let's not discuss location of stadium here, but rather what would it take to win back the Tiger-Cats.

If you believe the Ti-Cats are done, please don't particpate here as this is intended to discuss something else entirely.

no matter what happens, right or wrong, you will not see increased attendance in hamilton as long as bob owns the team.

I'm more interested in wounding people than healing wounds right now.

Not even some radical new arrangment that leads to an agreement to play at WH?

Lord knows there have been plenty of surprises.

Ya, I hear ya and I really sympathise. There are still many questions to be answered.

I'm guessing that if Bob Young can be satisfied somehow, that many of his followers would follow suit, no? Do you think this is right or wrong?

No this done Bob wants out and I don't blame him

I'm holding out hope.

BY was on board for WH, and then something changed. Radically.

Who's to say that there can't be another game changer for BY?

yeah, he might get religious and give all his possessions away :wink:

If he Gose back to table he weak
I am sorry But need show them he means it..

It's not about appearing weak or buckling, it's about business and doing the smart thing.

Maybe Bob and the city need to take a vacation from each other. Let the bad feelings go away. Then come back to the table and discuss things like mature people.

<blockquote><blockquote><blockquote><blockquote>No this done  Bob wants out and I don't blame him</blockquote>
I'm holding out hope.

BY was on board for WH, and then something changed. Radically.

Who's to say that there can't be another game changer for BY?</blockquote>
If he Gose back to table he weak  
I am sorry But need show them he means it..</blockquote>
It's not about appearing weak or buckling, it's about business and doing the smart thing.</blockquote>

The Smart thing is tell them no
He has a Plan B he should stick to it
I want to here from Bob

But now is not a good time..for him

How is the TiCats winning games going to make me like Fred Eisenberger?

What would really heal a lot of wounds for me is if all private interests downtown who want spin-off benefits (if they even exist) from a stadium at the West Harbour would pool their money together and make an offer to purchase the Tiger-Cats at a price equivalent to what Bob Young has lost over the years while he's been the owner, adjusted for inflation of course. I expect the biggest contributions to come from those who claimed he would be "missing a great opportunity" if he didn't have his team play there. I mean, who would pass up a great opportunity right? Maybe the city could throw in a few bucks too, since it was they who more or less decided where the Cats would play (well, okay there is nothing forcing the team to go there, but the expectation until this thing blew up was that they would be one of the prime tenants).

Maybe you should have emailed that little tip to the mayor. :roll:

How about having them commit to seasons' tickets?

100 businesses by 10 tickets each, or 2000 businesses?

What is the right amount of businesses and tickets needed to make a significant impact?

I believe that if he sees he can make a profit here, he will keep the team around. I'm not giving up hope just yet.

To answer your thread question, Kirk: No. Winning and increased attendance will do nothing.

This whole fiasco, which the mayor caused, has gone so far off the rails that there is no way that Bob Young will cave into the city's demands.

You said:

You should probably tell the mayor this more than Young. Out of the two, Bob Young was the only one willing to compromise. The mayor didn't because he didn't want to appear weak.

For Young, doing the smart thing for his business is to leave Hamilton. He feels cannot make it work here and wants out. I don't blame him. I wish him and the team the best of luck wherever they end up.

the biggest question is who will win between bob the businessman, and the bob who has a heart for hamilton and hamilton ticat fans.

BOB just might love the city and the fans enough to eat crow and cave. IF he does, ticat fans should not turn on him but respect and appreciate him more.

I say this as someone who is not a fan of BY for reasons other than this issue

Oh Kirk, you are so hopelessly naive. There will be no kumbaya moment. We aren’t going to get over this, we aren’t going to forgive. We will never, ever, EVER forget this.

This will be a “teachable moment” though for your simple, young mind, and the city.

Captain, I see you as the lead Pro WH supporter on, let me say you have battled hard throughout for your beliefs, be so clear that I do totally disagree with your take and I believe that if a deal between the City and TiCats can be reached it will come to us in the form of a heavy tax burden to all citizens. Those of us that live all over this once great City. I fully blame this on council and its lack of options for any other down town location; I believe you agree with that as well.

With leadership at City Hall we'd all be united and excited today about the future of the core and the TiCats, lack of leadership has not permitted that because it stubbornly and stupidly confused the brown field issues with the business of a stadium. So no matter what rabbit council may pull out of its hat their future needs to be in something else.

So in sprit of the question you ask, what heals? I'll quote from the TiCats information that states only 22% of ticket holders currently live in the lower city, that said what heals would be a ground swell of support by those who do not buy tickets,a ground swell of support by all those that will benefit by increased property values, a ground swell of support from other businesses that have just been awarded through default so many opportunities that truly are being awarded because of the 30 million dollars plus that Bob Young has spent to keep this football team in Hamilton. As we know without him there would be no team and without a team there would be no 100 million dollar Pam Am investment into West Harbour.

So Captain what heals? Support repayment and a plan would heal.

I personal challenge you as the lead, with all your resources shown every day on these forums to take on with the same passion the campaign as the leader of this cause and get those at to realize that without Bob Young’s investment over the past years today’s debate would never have been.

I do not believe you can increase the TiCats attendance within this sector but at least take the stand and don’t ever forget to tell them that Bob Young is already 30 million into this.

If the West Harbour supporters do not support the stadiums possible and by City councils own words WANTED tenant, then this will be nothing more then a very pricey mop up of a small piece of this City.

PM me with your progress. After all taking a stand doesn’t end today, it’s up to passionate WH supporters like your self to try and save the 141 year old pride of MY city.

The only way this saves the City is if those who so passionately fought for it support the business of it.

I am counting and you and those in support of WH to make this work. I think thats only fair as well as healing.