can a point be scored on a kickoff?

If the kickoff goes into the endzone and the returning team gets tackled in the endzone, is a point given? What if the ball is kicked through the endzone or at the side of the endzone?

If my memory serves correct: If the kickoff goes through the endzone, there is no single point, and the ball comes out to the 25. If the returner is tackled or concedes, then a single is awarded and the ball comes out to the 35.


In yesterday’s Montreal Edmonton game, one Montreal kickoff was ruled touched by an Edmonton player before going out of bounds on the one. From my vantage point, it looked like the ball went out in the endzone. If this were the case, what would the outcome be?

Single point as explained by xvys.

Im not sure....
I think it might be a safety.
The reason I think this is if you remember when MOntreal played Ham a few weks back, The was a bad snap that went over Maas' head and in order to save a possible TD, Lumsden kicked it through the back of the endzone and MOntreal was awarded a safety. It might be different on a kick off but Im not sure

Doesn't a safety have to be possesion? If he caught the ball at the five, ran into the end zone, I can see safety, but a simple touching would be a single point.....I could be wrong, but that seems logical.

On a kickoff its different. That was a head's up [lay by Lumsden though, I remember that

Ro...I usually count on you to know the rules.
On a kick-off, if the ball goes through the endzone, no point.
If a player touches it, point.
Kicking a ball through the endzone on a play from scrimmage is not the same thing as a kick-off.

the player touched the ball (but didn't really have possession) prior to the ball going in the end zone.

I believe that if you catch the ball at the 5, but the ref rules your momentum carries you into the endzone, it is still a single point.

Hey, the refs dont know all the rules, you can expect me too :lol:

I hold you to a higher standard than the refs.....

Ill keep that in mind! :lol:

Also keep in mind, that really isn't a very high standard....

The amateur rule book states that in order for a rouge to be scored the ball must touch a player, official, or the ground. If the ball goes out of bounds in-flight there is no point scored.

The CFL rule book just states that, on a kickoff, if the ball goes 'through the end zone without being touched' no point is awarded. It isn't as clear as the amateur rule. So if the ball touches the end zone and then goes out of bounds, is it still a single point?

No, when they say touched, they mean by a player, not the ground

Absolutely correct.

A ball caught in the field of play while moving towards own goal line, the officials can rule that the momentum carried the player into the endzone and a rouge would be scored.

Similarily, a ball touched by the receiving team in the field of play and continues into the endzone will be considered a kick into the endzone.

On another note, NO point is awarded and the ball placed on the 25 yard line in the following instances:

  1. Ball kicked out of bounds in the goal area without being touched (doesn't matter if ball goes through back of endzone or out of bounds on sideline)
  2. Ball strikes goalpost assembly in the air

so what you are saying stats man is that in this instance, 1 point should be scored.

From the CFL rulebook:

Article 4 – Single Point Or Rouge
If the ball is kicked into the Goal Area by an opponent, a rouge is scored:
(1) when the ball becomes dead in possession of a team in its own Goal
Area or,
(2) when the ball touches or crosses the Dead Line or a Sideline in Goal,
and touches the ground, a player or some object beyond these lines.
AR: Team A kicks to Team B. B1 attempting to catch the ball on Team B’s
3-yard line, fumbles it and is tackled with the ball in possession in the Team
B Goal Area. RULING – Rouge (ball deemed to have been kicked into Goal
Area by Team A).
AR: Team A kicks to Team B. B1 catches the ball in the Field of Play while
moving towards own Goal Line and, in the judgment of the official, the
momentum carries B1 into own Goal Area. RULING – Rouge (possession
deemed to have been gained in the Goal Area).
After a rouge, the team scored against shall next put the ball into play by a
scrimmage as first down at any point between the hash marks on its 35-yard
If the single point was scored as the result of an unsuccessful field goal
attempt, the team scored against may elect to scrimmage the ball at any
point between the hash marks on its own 35-yard line or at the previous line
of scrimmage.
NOTE: For the purposes of this Article, a drop kick or place kick shall, without
exception, be deemed to be a field goal attempt.
NOTE: If during a kickoff, the kicked ball proceeds through the Goal Area
and across the Dead Line or Sideline in Goal without being touched, there
shall be no score and the ball shall be awarded to the receiving team at any
point between the hash marks on its own 25-yard line.